Your Match: Libra Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Do you wonder how compatible are Libra man and Cancer woman? They really don’t get along in most ways yet they may still feel a pull between them.

Libra man and Cancer woman attraction is an odd combination. They really don’t get along in most ways yet they may still feel a pull between them. It’s likely a surface feeling and not something that may last.

Libra man Cancer woman are attracted to one another for their physical attributes. Keep reading to find out what these two would really be like together and if there is a Libra man Cancer woman soulmates chance or not.


Cancer woman will find Libra man alluring and charming. Libra man will find Cancer woman very seductive and wily. This is where they hit it off but does it last? Libra man Cancer woman attraction starts out hot.

While there is a possibility between these two, once they start to get to know each other, they start re-thinking things and figuring out if they really want to keep it going or not.

The physical attraction initially is strong and it’s what gets them talking to see if there may be more. Sadly, they start to realize that maybe they aren’t really that compatible.

There are more problems between them and differences that have potential to be crippling to a romance. They’re both romantic, I give them that. However, they may not want to share it with each other.

They’re looking for different things in life which may not make for a lasting match. I “never say never” because honestly, anything is possible. This means that this match could work somehow but it will not be easy.

Libra man could feel like he’s not good enough for the Cancer woman. She may feel he’s not strong or decisive enough for her. They both seek stability but have a hard time finding that with each other.

These two could end up dealing with a train wreck. Keep reading to find out more regarding the possibility for the Cancer woman and Libra man marriage compatibility.

Cancer Woman and Libra man in bed is something that isn’t going to help them hold on and thus could lead down the wrong road. The Libra man Cancer woman break up could happen rather quickly.

Cancer Woman, Who She Is

Cancer zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Libra Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

The Cancer woman wants to find the man she’s going to marry and have children with. Just like her Cancer counterpart, she wants to form a family and a lifetime commitment.

She’s intelligent, beautiful, charming, witty, and carries herself very well. This is why men are so incredibly drawn to her. Men can sense her ability to be an amazing partner, wife, and mother to their children.

She’s the epitome of what men look for when they’re ready to settle down. She’s passionate about life and seeks out security for her future ahead. She works hard and she’s very crafty about how she plans her life out.

When she meets the Libra man, she’s pulled in to him by his sexy smile, his deep eyes, his natural pheromones, and his ability to charm the pants off just about any women really.

Once she starts really talking to him and getting to know him, she finds he’s rather indecisive and makes her feel like she’ll have to make all the decisions. She also won’t like that he seems to need lots of attention from other females.

This isn’t to say he cheats but it’s to say that he loves to flirt and look at other women as though they’re another option even if he’s 100% committed. Cancer women expect 100% loyalty though she may not always be that way herself.

Libra Man, Who He Is

Libra man knows he’s handsome, sharp, and smart. He’s after success in his life and wants to make sure that his future is secure. He is looking for a mate who will compliment his lifestyle.

He is trying to make a career for himself or maintain one. He’s trying to work at achieving balance and it would certainly help to have a partner who can help him. He seeks the Yin to his Yang.

Sometimes this means he’s looking for someone almost opposite of him. As long as the important things in life are relatively the same, then he can accept a woman who is different from him.

When the Libra man meets the Cancer woman, he thinks she’s dead sexy, very comfortable to be around, and that sex may be super hot. He notices her beauty and her own brand of charm. He cannot resist!

The thing is, he starts to get to know her and realizes that they do not really line up well. He realizes that it may be impossible for them to trust each other and this will make for a rocky road ahead.

Libra Man Cancer Woman Attraction

The biggest and maybe the only thing these two would have going for them is the sexual aspect of their relationship. They both are very physical people who enjoy a good romp in the hay.

The thing is, it may not really be the best that either has ever had. They’re good in bed together but it’s also likely that neither of them are 100% fulfilled with each other so even this area of their romance may not be that hot.

I’m really trying to be optimistic here about these two but they really don’t match up well in most aspects. Now, there could be some differences that make it better such as if they have rising signs or moon signs that complement one another.

Perhaps if Cancer woman has Taurus or Virgo as her rising sign or moon sign, she could create her own stability and routine thus being less flirty. If Libra man had either of those signs or another that has lots of confidence, it would also change the dynamic.

The Libra man and Cancer woman soulmate connection is little to none. Even more so, the Libra man and Cancer woman marriage isn’t likely either. I cannot say for 100% certainty that they cannot or will not.

However, I can tell you that I’m finding it very hard to find what works between these two to be honest. They’re very different and don’t see eye to eye on most things that are important for a healthy relationship.

What Libra Man Thinks of Cancer Woman; Especially in Bed

I sort of touched on this already but I can tell you that at first, he thinks she’s really sweet, caring, and someone that would make a fantastic wife or mother to his children.

However, he begins to see things that disturb or bother him therefore he may start to retreat. Libra man likes peace and calm. He won’t do well with any form of emotional outbursts.

Cancer woman may be prone to be pushy and very emotional at times. This will for certain turn the Libra man off and quite possibly on the road. He knows she’s a wonderful woman but he feels she’s just not a right fit for him.

He has a hard time deciding so it may take him awhile to work everything out in his head but it will be hard for him to actually break it off. He know she has to though because this isn’t a good mix.

Libra man needs a woman who will be a bit aggressive in bed and give him an idea of what she wants so that he can give her what she wants. Cancer woman may sometimes be reserved or expect him to know what she wants.

This makes sex hard to fathom or even get into. There also seems to be a lack of passion between them. The chemistry that needs to be there physically seems to be lacking once they try to actually engage in it together.

He’s likely to withdraw and not be too interested in sex when he realizes that they are not compatible in the bedroom. He doesn’t know what to do or what she wants so he doesn’t bother.

Libra Man and Cancer Woman Problems

Cancer zodiac sign - Libra Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

Are you ready? There are far more problems than there are good tidings. Though they may be able to communicate well on a basic level of intellect, they are not fully able to understand each other.

Libra man will be floored by Cancer woman’s emotional ways. He isn’t accustomed to having to deal with anyone else’s feelings other than his own. He struggles enough to keep his in order.

The last thing the Libra man wants is a Cancer woman getting upset and just having a total melt down on him. This is drama he isn’t prepared for nor does he want. If she’s learned a technique to control it better, there may be a better chance.

If they don’t break it off upon first realizing it’s a bad idea, they may be in a for a relationship that lasts far longer than it should and both parties being miserable. Someone has got to take the first step and say “this isn’t working”.

Their life values are likely to be different as night and day. They also are probably not going to have a whole lot in common as far as interests or activities. They may share some but not enough to sustain a healthy relationship.

Trust isn’t going to be there. Libra men love getting attention from other women even if he’s 100% dedicated. He will continue to flirt and accept flirting from others which will definitely deeply hurt or anger a Cancer woman.

Her jealousy will be epic to say the least. She’ll feel like he’s always pushing her buttons and he’ll start resenting her for constantly getting emotional on him. He’ll let it build and let it come out at an in appropriate time thus hurting sensitive Cancer.

Libra Man Cancer Woman Soulmates Potential

Since these two really don’t do well together in lots of different ways, it would stand to reason that they aren’t going to be very good soulmates. Of course, if they have aspects in their chart that change things up a bit, this could make it different.

Libra man is indecisive and Cancer woman is quite possibly too emotionally driven to be able to communicate with her Libra guy without falling apart. He won’t “get” where she is coming from and may shut down.

He will try to find reasons not to be around and not spend time with her as he’s afraid she will come at him with her feelings when he’s not ready for it. Libra man Cancer woman attraction isn’t strong enough to hold them together.

Cancer Woman And Cancer Woman Marriage Forecast

The forecast for the Libra man and Cancer woman looks pretty cloudy with possible thunderstorms. There may even be possible tornados if Cancer woman gets upset enough with her Libra man.

Cancer woman will feel hurt and unappreciated when Libra man doesn’t put her first. She will see him as quite possibly selfish and self serving. These two really have a rocky terrain ahead.

I do not see things going very well with these two unless their Moon and Rising signs say differently. I would say that the Cancer woman and Libra man marriage compatibility is very low.

Libra man Cancer woman soulmates just isn’t likely to be in the forecast for these two. If they do somehow get married, their marriage may very well break soon after.

I really don’t like painting a bleak picture but in most cases, the Libra man Cancer woman attraction really isn’t something that makes them a lasting couple.

The Cancer woman and Libra man in bed really isn’t that thrilling either to be honest. Who will take the lead in the bedroom? Neither wants to. Both want to please but they will tend to do this in different ways which may not be on the same wavelength.

Libra Man Cancer Woman Break Up

If these two successfully get together, they will not be quite as successful with breaking up. They know that they aren’t good together but both of them have a hard time putting their foot down.

They make each other miserable with the lack of communication, lack of understanding one another, and too much emotional baggage being thrown around between them.

It’s probably more likely one will just pack up their things and move out before the other realizes what happened. It’s also possible that the person left behind will be relieved if that happens.

Truly break up is too difficult for either of them to bear. Eventually it has to happen though unless they’ve found a miracle cure to keep their love alive. Can they rekindle once they’ve broke up? Not likely.

Both are just in way different fields and do not mesh well together. Unless they find a way to fix all their problems, they’re not going to end up together long term. Cancer woman and Libra man in bed isn’t going to salvage what they lack either.

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The Final Score

Wow what else can I say about this mix? On a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a 2.5. I’m being generous with the .5 actually. There is always a possibility that two people who really love each other can overcome their problems.

These two are really not good for one another. Unless of course as I mentioned, they have rising signs or moon signs that help them out. That could be their saving grace if they truly want to be together.

They can try counseling or mediation as well to help them work at all the problem areas of their relationship. So it IS possible for them to work it out and make it last but in most cases, I’d say it’s not really likely.

Cancer woman and Libra man marriage compatibility isn’t something that is really there or talked about by many. These two just don’t seem to fare well together thus leading to the Libra man Cancer woman break up.

Usually they will lose interest in each other and want to move on. It may take awhile with the indecisive nature but life has a way of putting things into perspective.

One may cheat on the other to force the break up or they continue making each other miserable until one packs up all their things and moves out. Confrontation is awful for both of these super sensitive people.

While together, they will for sure walk on eggshells around each other. One doesn’t want to upset the other therefore they never really talk. This harms the bonding process and seals their doom.

I don’t like looking at possible failures in love but this pairing may be one of the hardest for me to say it still has hope. All I can say is, if you’re a Cancer woman in love with Libra man, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Buckle down, be less reactive, and have patience.

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