When A Libra Man Stops Talking To You — Here’s What To Do

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re looking for a way to help yourself in what to do when a Libra man stops talking or texting you, then look no further. I am sure this article will help you!

There is a whole lot to love about Libra men, but they also have some pretty bad qualities. I think the worst would have to be their indecisiveness and inability to make up their mind. So, what happens when a Libra man stops talking to you all of a sudden? Let’s look at the reasons a Libra man might stop texting you and how to deal with the situation.

It is like it is impossible for a Libra man to make up his mind, and while he is making up his mind, he is likely ignoring you – not only is this annoying, but it also doesn’t feel good and it is quite possible that this could hurt your feelings.

There are many possible reasons why your Libra man has stopped texting you, and of course, it can feel like the worst thing ever. But let’s see what we can do about it! Because trust me, not all hope is lost and there are ways to get him running back to you!

So, if you’re looking for a way to help yourself in what to do when a Libra man stops texting you, then look no further. I am sure this article will illuminate you on what you can do about it!

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When A Libra Man Stops Talking To You — What Should I Do?

Keep Yourself Busy And Occupied

You know that your Libra guy is super social and likes to get out and about. This is probably what attracted you to him in the first place! This guy is always at the coolest and most trendy spots in town.

And so should you be! Instead of focusing on not hearing from him, you should fill your own cup by doing all kinds of fun activities. If you keep yourself busy doing the things you love, you will soon forget that you haven’t heard from him.

You should never chase a Libra man – you should never chase any man, in fact! No guy likes a woman who is desperate for his love and attention. All you can really do is focus on yourself and the things that make you happy.

I know it sucks; it doesn’t feel good when the guy you are interested in starts pulling away and stops texting, but you need to keep your self-respect intact and the only way you can keep your head held high is just to go about your day and focus on yourself.

You probably feel that if you don’t reach out to him, he might forget about you, but don’t give in to these thoughts. Just stay strong, and know that eventually, he will reach out, and if he doesn’t, then there are so many other fish in the sea and your romantic life doesn’t start and end with him.

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Show How Wonderful And Full Your Life Is On Social Media

One of the easiest ways to see if a Libra man is still interested in you or not is to post on social media. These guys are pretty glued to their phones and enjoy knowing what is going on in your life if he likes you.

If he is curious about your life, then I promise you he is checking your social media and leaving comments on it. This is why it is always a good idea to post fun and entertaining stuff on your timeline.

This way you can show him you have barely noticed his absence and that your world definitely does not revolve around him (even though he might think it does). Show him that you don’t need him in your life to have a good time.

You know, he might just be pulling back because he needs some me-time and some time to breathe. A good way to reel him in again is to be your fabulous self on social media and hope it catches his eye.

Just a fair warning, you don’t want to post so much that he might that you are glued to your phone and just pretending to have such an awesome life. Remember, it is about quality, not quantity!

Here’s more on how to make a Libra man miss you like crazy <<

Start A New Hobby

If it has been a while and you still haven’t heard from him, then the best thing you can do is to start a new hobby and learn something you have always been interested in. This is a wonderful way to improve yourself, but also get yourself distracted from thinking about him!

Think about something fun you would like to do for yourself and immerse yourself in the process. Perhaps you have aspirations to become a full-on yogi, or maybe you feel pulled to start painting, or maybe learning a new language?

All of these options are wonderful and can really help you develop deeper self-respect and give you a boost of confidence! The most important part of this whole process is putting all the love you have into yourself!

Loving yourself needs to be your number one priority because when you love and care for yourself so deeply, you won’t stand for any mistreatment and the people you attract into your life will be even more wonderful than before.

Make this whole journey about you and how you can improve yourself, and I promise this Libra guy will most definitely notice! But by that time, you might not even be that interested any longer, because hopefully, you have learned you deserve so much better than someone who is inconsistent with their communication.

When A Libra Man Doesn’t Answer Texts — Do’s And Don’ts

This point is pretty serious and I hope you pay special attention to this, but when a Libra man stops texting do not bombard him with texts and calls. This is absolutely the last thing you ever want to do in this situation.

I can guarantee with full certainty that if you don’t give him the space to breathe and act clingy and needy, he will not respond to this well and you will only end up pushing him away even further.

He just might need some space to figure out his feelings and what is going on in his life, and how you fit into it exactly. But, if you keep bombarding him with questions over text, it is a possibility that he’ll want to go quiet permanently.

You need to show him that you have the emotional maturity to be in a relationship with him. So, give him the space he needs, and he is more than likely going to come back running toward you.

It is so important that you give him a chance to catch his breath, and actually miss you. If you are always around, there is a huge chance that he might start to take it for granted or start to view you as a low-quality woman, which you definitely aren’t!

You have your own life, with your own goals and your own hobbies. You need to focus on all of these things first, and he can just be a welcome addition to your life.

If you feel these things are missing in your life, it might be good for you to focus on filling your own cup before becoming overly concerned about why your Libra man isn’t texting back, because this may very well be the reason why you haven’t heard from him.

When Your Libra Man Doesn’t Text You Back…

It can be so frustrating to send your Libra man a text message and see “seen”… But then have no reply for hours or maybe even days.

Why in the world would he do this?

You might start feeling anxious or wondering if he even cares at ALL!

Unfortunately, a lot of dating advice written for men in general just WON’T work with a Libra. They are wired a bit differently than men of other sun signs.

And if you treat your Libra man the same as other men, you might lose him forever.

There are so many dating coaches that tell you exactly what to do when you text your man… And what NOT to do.

Unfortunately, their advice can REALLY backfire with a Libra.

And there are three specific mistakes you NEVER want to make when texting your Libra man <<

I don’t want you to drive him away. Especially when it can be incredibly easy to capture his heart through text messages…  IF you know what you are doing!

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

When you know EXACTLY what to text him… and what to NEVER text him…

He will be putty in your hands. And he’ll make sure to reply to you quickly and lovingly.

Go check out what I mean here now so you keep him in your life forever.



  • Oh yes. I’ve recently meet a libra man. It was a special time and it was Fantastic. He took me to a fancy place and I liked the time spent together and it was a secret meeting. After he’s gone lol. I mean he’s not texting. But let me tell you I feel like he can be egoistic and stuff but I can’t stop thinking of him. I mean an Astrologer told me I was about to meet a very important person for me the time I meet him. I guess it may be karmic though.

    • Hi Lis!

      Haha yes, Libra can seem to have a bit of an ego going on. They are so darned charming though. They’re hard to resist. It’s hard to say if he’s the karmic person in your life. You’d have to actually have a reading done to determine that. Looking into yours and his 12th house in your charts would certainly reveal if it’s a cosmic match. If you’d like, I can look at your charts to figure out what is going on. Book a VIP consultation here.

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