Your Match: Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The Libra man and Sagittarius woman matchup is quite lovely. They seem to get each other on a high vibration. They connect on most levels.

The Libra man and Sagittarius woman matchup is quite lovely. They seem to get each other on a high vibration. They connect on most levels. Alas no couple is totally perfect right? This couple has things they will need to attend to but they also have great potential to make this a long lasting bond if not forever. Keep reading for more juicy details about Libra man with Sagittarius woman relationship.


Sagittarius woman will get Libra man’s attention with her sense of adventure, spontaneity, beauty, and intellect. Libra man will get Sagittarius woman’s attention for almost the same reasons.

These two have quite a bit in common where it really counts. While they could be perfect, there are a couple flaws that they would need to chisel away at but if they truly love each other, they can make this union one to last.

The two are optimistic and hopeful. This helps them maintain a positive outlook on their relationship and love together. They will influence each other and inspire each other when it comes to being successful.

They seem to have similar goals and desires in life. This makes them quite a duo. If they decided to have a business together, they’d likely do quite well. They have no trouble communicating on important levels.

Where these two may find some issues is with trust and with one trying to outdo the other. They both want success and if they’re in the same field, they’ll constantly try to see who is better.

This isn’t typically on a conscious level but one always fears the other will succeed more than themselves and this is unacceptable. There is competition between them.

They need to learn that they do far better together than they do when they try to have autonomy with their careers. If they combine their efforts, they’ll both succeed and not need to outdo each other.

Sagittarius Woman, Who She Is

sagittarius woman - Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

The Sagittarius woman is very warm, witty, funny, and has a good time when in good company. She’s social and loves to talk with various types of people. In fact, she’s really great at getting along with just about anyone.

She’s the type of woman that can strike up a conversation with the grocery clerk or just someone else standing in line. She’s excellent at making people feel comfortable and happy to be around her.

While the Sagittarius woman is strong and knows how to get what she wants, she still craves a love that will fulfill her from inside. The thing is, she will learn throughout her life that she has to make herself happy.

When she meets the Libra man, she’s impressed by his positive vibe. She wants to get to know more. She’ll find him incredibly handsome and easy to talk to, much like she is. He makes her feel as though she’s the only woman in the room.

On some level, she’ll feel like he’s the perfect guy for her. He’s devilishly charming, fun to be with, smart, and has a great desire for life like she does. She can see her future with him travelling the world and growing old together.

Libra Man, Who He Is

The Libra man is very optimistic. He can be cynical with some things but for the most part when it comes to life on a grander scale, he’s optimistic about what could happen in the future.

He is fantastic at putting everyone around him at ease with his presence. He’s comical and just has a natural flow of charm. His personality helps him to meet many new friends and draw women’s attention in.

He’s much like the Leo man who craves lots of affection. He loves it when people flirt with him and make him feel desirable. Sometimes he goes too far and lets it get to the line where he has to be honest with them.

When the Libra man meets the Sagittarius woman, he instantly knows he’s met a kindred spirit. They connect on a very spiritual way that even they cannot explain. They just seem “meant to be”.

They’re enough alike that it seems as though they’re destined to be in each other’s lives forever. Even if it doesn’t work out romantically, they’ll remain very close friends. No one gets their bond like they do.

What Works Between Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman

The list of what doesn’t work is much shorter than this list, I can assure you. This is an excellent match! They feel near perfect together. The connection is instant and will be something they build on.

Libra man and Sagittarius woman soulmate relationship is definitely possible. They easily talk about anything under the sun. They really enjoy each other’s company.

They most likely have many of the same types of interests and will share lots of activities together. There will be no lack of fun with these two. Whether they’re travelling, hiking, camping, etc, they’ll enjoy their partnership greatly.

Emotionally speaking, these two are dynamic. They know how to talk to each other without saying much of anything. They just seem to communicate via their body language. It works well for them.

They’re able to open up to each other about lots of things. As mentioned, they also are able to talk about many other situations. Communication is fantastic with these two.

The sex, this is a firecracker type of couple. Sagittarius woman loves sex and she has no trouble coming on to her Libra man so that he knows what she wants. She makes him comfortable.

He’s able to give new things a try with her because he knows that with her, he can do just about anything and feel comfortable. They make each other happy in and out of the bedroom.

What Libra Man Thinks of Sagittarius Woman; Especially in Bed

The Libra man thinks the Sagittarius woman is the woman of his dreams. She’s warm, sweet, comfortable, funny, attractive, attentive, and he feels like he’s won the relationship lottery.

In the bedroom, he thinks that he couldn’t ask for more. When these two engage in sexual activity, it’s magical! You look for sparks in sexual encounters, these two for sure have it.

They are able to communicate their desires or needs therefore they are both fulfilled. Libra man is inspired by his Sagittarius woman to try new adventurous things that aren’t demeaning.

He loves how adventurous in life she is. He wants to do everything with her. However, there is one item that can be problematic with this pair. He doesn’t seem to know how to trust her.

He thinks the world of her but also knows how flirty she can be and though Libra men aren’t typically jealous, somehow the Sagittarius woman inspires this in him. He isn’t sure if she’s going to stay loyal to him or even stay with him forever.

Sometimes Sagittarius woman wants to get out or travel more than the Libra man which could cause a bit of a situation if the trust isn’t there. He’ll worry if she’ll come back or if she prefers being gone to being with him.

His self esteem will hit a low and he’ll seek attention elsewhere while Sagittarius woman is gone. When she finds out, she’s going to be really upset. Even if he didn’t cheat, his flirting will cause a huge ripple.

Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Problems

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign - Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

There really isn’t too much conflict with these two. What they lack however, is typically the trust element. While they get along in almost every other way, this is one that could be crippling if they aren’t careful.

Sagittarius woman doesn’t like that Libra man’s flirting can get out of hand at times. Though he’ll tell a woman he has a girlfriend, he’ll flirt awhile with her first to make himself feel good.

Sagittarius woman can essentially do the same with other men. This makes Libra man nervous as he worries about whether she’ll ever leave him for another man or if she’s even happy with him.

So what is good for the goose is not good for the gander so to speak. They don’t trust each other as they should and time should cure this if they’re really honest with each other.

There is also the element in having unrealistic expectations with each other. They put each other on pedestals and when one doesn’t live up to what the other thinks, they argue.

When they are open and totally honest with each other, they can actually explain why they do what they do. Once they actually understand each other in this aspect, trust can be formed and worked on.

This really is all they have going against them but it IS something big enough to cause too many ripples, misunderstandings, and arguments. Though Libra man will be passive aggressive in his feeling about his Sagittarius love.

She won’t want to confront him either and so she’s likely to respond in just about the same type of fashion which doesn’t get the job done. They have to learn to sit down and discuss their issues like two adults willing to solve a problem.

Libra Man with Sagittarius Woman Breakup

Libra man isn’t one to call things off until things are so bad that he’s sure it’s unfixable. This could take forever though. He’s indecisive and takes a long while to mull it over.

Sagittarius woman will likely be the one that skips out. She’s an escape artist. Just as quick as she falls in love, she could also fall out of love and be out the door. I’m not saying Sagittarius woman is a flake but, she exits if love isn’t there anymore.

That being said, she’s likely to disappear. Depending on how difficult things are will determine if she leaves without saying anything or if she actually tells him why it’s not working.

Could these two get back together at some point? Absolutely they can! As long as they remember why they broke up in the first place, they can find a way back to each other with a renewed sense of hope.

They just have to make sure that they work on what was flawed before so they don’t repeat the process and find each other back in the same boat. Though I will say this, Sagittarius women can also move on quickly so going back to Libra may not be what she wants.

The Final Score

These two really can make a beautiful match. They have so many things in common that it’s extraordinarily easy for them to form a strong bond. The “get” each other in most ways.

In fact, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give this couple a very strong 8. They’re just really amazing together in personal relationships and business. They could easily run a business together if they chose to.

They talk about everything except their doubts. They do discuss how they feel about most things but won’t approach their distrust or issue they have with the other. Neither wants to stir anything up so they hold it in.

Libra will harbor resentment if he doesn’t speak honestly with his Sagittarius. She will fall out of love with him and want to move on if she doesn’t talk to him about why she’s upset with him.

The lack of trust is the main issue with these two and if it’s not there, there is no real long lasting relationship possible. They had better learn to open up about the hard things so that they CAN learn how to trust one another.

They need to realize that both are flirts and both love getting attention from the opposite sex. It doesn’t have to lead to an affair or leaving one another. Until they realize this, they’ll keep building tension that doesn’t need to be there.

The potential for the Libra man and Sagittarius marriage is definitely very strong. They have what it takes if they’re willing to work past their issues and enjoy the best in each other.

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