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The Libra Man on the Cusp of Scorpio – Who is he?

The Libra man is born between Virgo and Scorpio. If he falls on the cusp of Virgo; he’s logical and wise. If he’s born on the Scorpio cusp; he’s more reactive and emotionally driven than most typical Libra men. Keep reading for more information on what this guy is most likely to be like.

Sexy, Warm, and Mysterious

Those words are the best three descriptive words when describing a Libra man on the cusp of Scorpio. Libra is already warm, charming, and easy to be around. Scorpio kicks in a bit sexier and passion. What a mix this man is!

Libra man is normally calm tempered and it takes quite a bit to anger him. When he’s on the Scorpio cusp however; he may react quicker and may respond in a way that is quite emotionally charged.

Libra man already is quite mysterious on his own accord. Put him on the Scorpio cusp and you may think that you will never get to know who he truly is. He’s secretive and doesn’t like to talk about his personal feelings.

However; if he finds the right woman; he will settle down eventually enough to trust her and open up. Both Libra and Scorpio tend to not trust easily and in fact; Scorpio cusp will trust even less than Libra.

Libra is very cautious about who he gets involved with and so when he’s on the cusp of Scorpio; he really is super careful and somewhat seems paranoid at times. However; his logical side will show him that he doesn’t need to be that frightened.

Libra won’t always dive into bed right away with a woman but with Scorpio cusp energy may make him want to get that physical fulfillment whether there is a potential relationship there or not.

Don’t get me wrong; he wants his life partner but he may not pass up “goodies” along the way. Scorpio side is very passionate and loves to interact sexually as often as possible.

Typically when the Libra/Scorpio cusp guy want to find the right woman; he’ll hold out on the sex for a short time to test her and make sure that she’s loyal to him and someone that he can trust with his heart.

This could be rather time consuming as Libra himself is already cautious where relationships are concerned. So it may take a good long while before a Libra/Scorpio cusp man commits.

Even when you start dating him; he’ll still flirt with other women to feel alive and to reassure himself that he’s still attractive. He may act available even if he isn’t and of course when he gets caught, he acts like a kid with a hand in the cookie jar.

He may not cheat but he will keep his “feelers” out there because until he’s totally positive of who he is committing to; he wants to make sure he’s not missing out on someone else who may be better than who he’s with.

It’s not nice and it’s not right but he knows what he wants and if he doesn’t trust someone; he’s not going to waste his energy or heart on that person. His eyes stay open and will keep watching until he “knows” he has the one.

Sexual Relationships

Libra Man on the Cusp of Scorpio

Ladies; I’m not going to lie to you. This blend between Libra and Scorpio could present you a guy that offers to have a “friends with benefits” relationship. It will never go further than that.

I don’t want you to think there is hope that it will develop into more. He does this because he wants to have sex with you and keep his options open. He likely will meet someone else later on down the line that will suit him better and then end your “friendship”.

So if you get an offer to do this type of arrangement, I wouldn’t suggest it unless you’re alright with it and don’t mind that eventually he will break it off. Just don’t let yourself believe you’ll ever be anything more than what you’ve agreed to.

I’ve seen far too many ladies get involved with this type of guy and get very hurt by him when he decides to call it off and starts actually dating someone. In fairness; when he means “friends with benefits” he means “no strings”.

That also means that there is no relationship possible or he doesn’t want a relationship with you in particular. He wants you enough to have sex with you but not to have a normal loving relationship.

He probably cares but not enough to want to be more than friends. Keep that fresh in your mind so that you don’t let his sexy demeanor change your mind. He IS hot between the sheets but it is worth your heart being broken? No!

Overall View

The Libra man with Scorpio cusp will be very driven for success when it comes to his career or job interest. He will immerse himself in whatever it is that he feels is important and will sometimes put love on the back burner.

If he tells you he works a lot of hours and you can see that he doesn’t keep in touch with you very well; you’re not as much of a priority as his career/job. That being said; you’ll have to decide if that is something you can live with or not.

Most women I’ve known want their guy’s attention and don’t want to be second or third priority in their man’s life. Libra/Scorpio cusp guy will fall in love with his work or his projects and you will not be his top priority.

This could change later in life when he realizes that his career/job isn’t going to cuddle up with him at night nor be there for him forever. He’ll start to get lonely and not understand why he can’t find the right woman.

Once he hits that rock bottom; he’ll perhaps wake up and decide to finally commit to a woman and give her his all. It’s a hard lesson this guy has to learn.

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Libra guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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