The Libra Man with Gemini Rising: What is his deal?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
When Libra man has Gemini rising, he’s going to be the type of guy to take on several projects at once because he’s high energy and likes to keep busy....

Have you met a Libra man that seems to be a bit flaky, has his attention divided, or seems to be really busy all the time? There may be a reason. He may actually have Gemini rising which would change things in his Libra life. Keep reading for more information about this odd combination.

Creative High

Both the Libra man and Gemini man alike are highly creative minds. When Libra man has Gemini rising, he’s going to be the type of guy to take on several projects at once because he’s high energy and likes to keep busy.

He may be into music, artwork, music, or may study various other things that keep his mind very active. This can make Libra man’s energy a bit more divided than he normally would be.

Travelling will be very possible or even likely with the Libra man with Gemini rising. He loves adventure and loves to meet new people, see new places, and again, stays busy.

The two energies give way for the Libra man to get much in his life accomplished as long as he doesn’t try to do too many things at once. He need to learn to focus on one project at a time or he’ll become overwhelmed and get nothing done.

If he allows the extra creative touch, he’ll be the very best writer, painter, musician, or artist of other means he can be. This is a mutually beneficial duo that will lead to the Libra man finding success.

Libra Man With Gemini Rising – Dual in Nature 

Libra man with Gemini rising

I’m sure you’ve heard before that Gemini people are two-faced. Libra isn’t normally like this but when he has Gemini rising, he may have a tendency to show one face to the world and another face in private.

While Libra isn’t the world’s biggest flake, he can become one at times, with having Gemini rising in his chart. He can change his mind more times that he changes his underwear.

Truly if he changes his underwear daily then his decisions will be up in the air. He can be downright confusing. Libra can be rather confusing already since he normally doesn’t like making choices quickly.

Gemini rising can make him make choices on the spot which has weird ramifications later on. Gemini rising can also make Libra man lose his ability to be objective and see both sides of a situation.

This truly is a strange mixture. Poor Libra who has Gemini rising. He will have a hard time making heads or tails of most situations. With relationships, he’s going to be very confused.

Libra takes his time typically because he is indecisive. Gemini rising is just dragging his feet in getting into a committed relationship. This causes frustration for any woman trying to get into his life and secure his heart.

Empathetic Abilities

It’s interesting to know that Libra man who normally weighs pros and cons or looks at both sides of the story, he will feel more with Gemini rising. He’ll actually be rather empathetic.

So whereas he may be able to see the other side of the story, with Gemini rising, he can actually feel what it must be like. This helps him understand people easier and it helps him comprehend his own situations.

When he gets into a relationship, he can feel when something is off and he’s able to better relate to his partner than Libra man normally would. This is a good thing and can help a relationship to become closer.

It’s just when Gemini rising becomes a bit flaky that it causes some ripples in the water of tranquility in a partnership. He is capable of fixing it but he’ll need an understanding partner.

If you’re going to be a with a Libra man who has Gemini rising, you’re going to need lots of patience because at times he’s going to seem very confusing. He himself will likely be confused.

However, when he feels that you’re in need, he’ll do his best to wrap his arms around you and get to know your side of the story when there is an issue between the two of you. This is rather comforting.

Social Type of Guy

Libra man with Gemini rising

The Libra man is already typically very well equipped when it comes to being social. However when he has Gemini rising, he’s that much more outgoing and tends to want to be around others.

The reverse would be true as well. Some Gemini men aren’t all that social but if they have Libra as their rising, they would be the type to want to find time to hang out with others.

Libra man with Gemini rising likes to get out and do things, create adventures, and spend time with people he really digs. If you’re his lady, you’ll get the opportunity to have a fantastic time with him no matter what you’re doing.

Libra man with Gemini rising is very funny, easy to be around, and can talk just about anyone into anything. He truly is a delight to spend time with and is someone you will want to see again.

Sex wise, the Libra man with Gemini rising can be rather open and versatile when it comes to sex. He may be up for having an open relationship or marriage where you have sex with others.

Either he will allow a third party into the bedroom for you or he’ll suggest swinging so that you two can intermingle with other couples. He’s likely to be very open to whatever you suggest.

If you’re not so much into this, he’ll respect it and go along with whatever it is that you do want. He’s one that likes to please and one that likes for you to be the one to initiate sex.

All in all the Libra man with Gemini rising is a good guy. He may have a tendency to work too much or put his career as his highest priority. As long as you know that you ARE a priority even if not #1, you may find love with this sweet guy.

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

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Anna Kovach

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