The Libra Man with Scorpio Rising – What makes him stand out?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is he jealous, very sexual, or demanding of what you do? Keep reading for more information about the Libra man with Scorpio rising and what's he like.

Have you been talking to or seeing a Libra man who seems to be a bit different than the stereotypical description? Is he jealous, very sexual, or demanding of what you do? Libra men don’t ordinarily act this way but if he has Scorpio rising, this could affect how he is. Keep reading for more information about the Libra man with Scorpio rising and what he might be like.

Opposite Feelings

The Libra man typically has a calm temper, is easy going,  and not jealous. He isn’t demanding, he doesn’t try to control a woman, and doesn’t like confrontation. When he has Scorpio rising, this could all change.

The Scorpio rising may make the Libra man a bit more moody. He may lash out when he’s upset, he may not like you having male friends and become suspicious, and will not be the typical pleasant type of Libra you’ve read about before.

His feelings are going back and forth which makes his indecision a bit worse. Libra likes to take his time when he’s building a relationship. Scorpio may go a little faster but he doesn’t trust.

He may appear to react to a partner with extremes. Either he’ll be totally silent and not want to discuss when he’s upset or he may swing the other direction and totally read someone the riot act.

Luckily when it comes to the people that are closest to him, he’ll show his Libra side a bit more often. Thankfully the blunt and passionate side of Scorpio rising will be saved for people he doesn’t know well or may not be all that close to.

When he’s dating though, it could be a tossup until he learns how to fully trust the person he’s with. His indecisive nature via Libra being his sun will make it hard for him to figure out what he wants. Scorpio will instill that mistrust and make it more difficult.

What are his good qualities?

Handsome young man sitting on the wooden pallet and looking at camera - The Libra man wirh Scorpio Rising

The Libra man may not be very forthcoming with what he’s feeling if he feels afraid to tell someone as they may get angry with him. Scorpio rising allows him to express himself regardless of the reaction the person has.

This makes the Libra man a bit more expressive and able to tell someone if he likes them or if he is angry with them. This is a positive thing because Libra will normally store up his upsets over time. He will then explode at unexpected times.

It’s far better for him to get his upset out in the open so he can face it. Scorpio rising also allows Libra man to face what he doesn’t like and try to work at making it better.

Libra is typically passionate about his career or projects. Scorpio is as well and so the Libra/Scorpio rising man will do what he has to in order to reach the top and accomplish his dreams.

Persistence and pushing forward will not be a problem for the Libra/Scorpio rising man. He knows he has to really dig in and work for what he’s got. Something else that this combo is good at is, being able to convince anyone of almost anything.

This could work to his advantage when it comes to making sales, making purchases or deals, and even persuading the right woman to be with him. They do it in a way that a person suspects nothing.

His Less Charming Attributes

I mentioned his temper and ability to speak his mind already. The Libra/Scorpio man may have outbursts or accuse his partner or cheating or flirting with others even though he’s likely doing the same thing behind her back.

The thing is, he’ll have the ability to make a person feel really guilty when she’s only doing what he’s doing. He’s a master a projection. He’s not much on facing himself in the mirror when it comes to the things he’s done.

He is a bit self-serving since he is a Libra and with Scorpio rising, he really wants what he wants. No one will ever tell him differently. He’ll even be able to make a person feel guilty when they’ve done nothing wrong if it serves him well.

He’ll pretend that he understands and you can tell him anything. Then he’ll drag your secrets out of you and use them against you. Be careful what you share with a Libra/Scorpio rising man.

It’s hard to cheat or lie to this man though. It’s probably best that you don’t ever try to fool him. He’ll get it out of you without you even realizing that’s what he’s doing. Be careful!

Love, Relationships, Sex

Portrait Of Happy Beautiful Couple In Love - The Libra Man with Scorpio Rising

The good thing about Libra having Scorpio rising is the sex, romance, and love. He’s master at it. Scorpio oozes sexuality no matter what. This side of him will make the Libra side seem even more appealing than he already is.

The Libra/Scorpio man wants to get down and dirty but in a way that is exceedingly pleasurable for both partners. He’s not afraid to experiment or try sexy new things.

When it comes to love he can either go very slowly or he may want to dive right in. There’s no telling which side of him will kick in when it comes to his heart. What remains is the need for patience from the woman who wants to love him.

She’s going to need to be totally honest with him at all times, not flirt with other men, and make sure that he feels that she’s there for him. If she can show him that he can trust her, he’ll fall madly and deeply in love with her.

It could be very quick or it may take awhile. It depends on which side of him is the strongest. It’s also going to depend on whether he’s been hurt before and how long it takes to build trust.

The Libra man with Scorpio rising is a very emotional type of guy but he may be the most passionate you’ll ever encounter!

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Libra guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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