The Libra Man with Virgo Rising – What is he truly like?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
When he’s tuned in, he’s passionate, romantic, and shows his soft side. When he’s confused, he becomes callous and cold. Keep reading for more details.

Have you met a wonderful Libra man that seems to be standoffish at times? Maybe he’s taking things exceedingly slow and it’s frustrating you. When he’s tuned in, he’s passionate, romantic, and shows his soft side. When he’s confused, he becomes callous and cold. Keep reading for more details on the Libra man with Virgo rising in his chart.

Differences Coming Together

Libra man is highly social, logical, and seeks justice. When he has Virgo rising, he has to resist the desire to want to be critical of situations or people. He can do it though if he embraces his sun sign instead of his rising sign.

Since Libra is very logical, he’s able to view both sides of the coin which is something the Virgo side may not be that great with. They both seek justice and want to do what is right. Virgo rising will want more of a moral look at life.

While they can agree justice is important, Virgo rising in the Libra could create a little conflict if the Virgo rising side tries to take action where Libra man would ordinarily stay quiet or passive.

Together, the Libra/Virgo rising combination can actually be quite effective in legal matters and being able to be diplomatic in their approach with other people. This is beneficial.

Neither one of these signs is quick to anger so he will reconcile these sides of himself in other areas that may need a bit of work. Libra man is typically someone that is easy to approach.

When he has Virgo rising, he may seem as though he’s someone who is high up and is someone you cannot easily approach. He seems as though he’s someone who is too good for the world.

I’m not saying he’s a snob. I’m saying that he’ll seem as though he’s a do-gooder and sometimes makes everyone else feel as though they’re lacking what he may be looking for in friendship/relationships.

Other Aspects

young handsome attractive bearded model man using smartphone in urban context - The Libra Man with Virgo Rising

Virgo rising may actually help the Libra man to make better and more efficient choices. Both take their time in forming a relationship but Virgo is more critical in a way that he’ll be more likely to make a better choice for the Libra.

On that note, the Libra/Virgo rising guy will look for certain qualities he feels will fit with him when he’s looking for a partner. He’ll better decide if he finds someone who is close to that or IS that.

If she isn’t he’ll be able to see through it and make a quicker decision as far as letting her go and letting her move on in her life. There are times where the Virgo rising may even be stumped but normally they’re clear in their thoughts.

Libra man tosses his thoughts and ideas around before he can make a solid choice. Virgo rising will push him to look at very specific things so that he can make a proper decision.

Friends and Relationships

When you meet this guy, he’ll seem like a tremendous person to know. He may even seem intimidating because he is just almost “too good”. It makes you wonder if you’re good enough for him.

The Libra/Virgo man will take a really long time to form friendships and even longer to form a personal relationship. He’s not one to dive in and get himself into hot water. Libra man is already shy to it but Virgo rising will make him act on logic.

This means that he won’t be particularly confused, he’s just going to be very picky about what he wants, who he wants, and what he’s going to do about it. He has to make sure that he person he’s becoming friends or lovers with, is going to tow the line.

He won’t settle for just anyone. He wants the best he can get. The only time that this may not be true is if the Libra/Virgo man has been scorned and has become a bit jaded. This would make him less willing to take down his walls.

In fact, it could make him not want to get romantically involved with anyone until he’s able to heal himself. That would be the wise choice to make anyway right? If you meet this mixture, you’re going to have to have lots of patience.

He know what he wants and with time, he’ll figure out if you’re the one that has what he’s looking for or he’ll remain “friends” with you and keep moving forward in life.

What he’s like Sexually

young sexy couple in love lying in bed in hotel - The Libra Man with Virgo Rising

Libra man is a very giving one and loves when a woman knows what she wants. He wants her to tell him what she wants and when she wants it. Virgo rising will make him a little more freaky in the sack.

Virgo men are known as the “virgins” which is actually not anywhere near accurate. They will act like a prude but only until they trust the person they are with. They can withhold sex and will cause the Libra man to do the same.

The Libra/Virgo rising man will hold off on having sex until he’s sure that the person he’s having it with is someone he can trust and someone he wants to have more than a fling with.

If there is a fling involved, he isn’t like to give his all. He reserves that for the woman that also wins his heart. She’s also the one he’ll let his freaky side out with otherwise he’ll continue to be conservative between the sheets.

As a woman, you’ll have to prove to him that you’re what he’s looking for and what he wants for the future. Once he commits to you, the Libra/Virgo man will let loose and be who he really is.

Only the woman of his choice will get to see him in all his freaky glory. Trust me, it takes time to chisel it out of them but when you love him, you’ll do what you have to with great patience.

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Libra guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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