9 Things You Should Know When Dating A Divorced Libra Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Dating a divorced Libra man means newly vacated slots. But is it worth it? These are a few pointers to keep in mind so that your relationship has the best chance of thriving!

Are you dating a divorced Libra man? As bad as it could get, this is one sign that believes in second chances (or third chances, or fourth chances)! When dating a Libra man who has gone through his first marriage, there are some things to keep in mind. Keep these tips in mind so your relationship has the best chance of thriving! 

Modern relationships are so prone to divorce these days. I see many clients asking me how to handle a man who has been divorced before in my astrology practice. 

There is no doubt that all of us want our relationships to be happy and fulfilling, and when it comes to making our love last, astrology can be one of the most useful tools. 

The good news for you is that the Libran man is always willing to fall in love again when the time comes. Due to the fact that he is the “love” sign in astrology, he tends to crave relationships and most are serial monogamists, which means that he tends to rarely ever be single in his life. His favorite thing is to share himself and his experiences with a lady at all times! 

Aside from that, he is also not the type of person who is bitter about something not working out in the future or who remunerates over the past. Despite being romantic, he is also highly rational and objective. In addition, once he’s fallen in love again, he’ll give everything to his new relationship. 

Is there anything else you need to know about dating a divorced Libra man? Based on my years of experience as a Relationship Astrologer, here are some of my top pieces of advice.

What Is Different About Divorced Libra Men?

Dating a divorced Libra man may be a lot more challenging than you might expect. These guys definitely appear all chilled and laidback, but because they have been scarred, it can actually be quite difficult to be with one of them. 

A divorced Libra man seems a lot less complicated than what he actually is in reality. This man has a lot of baggage, so you need to be prepared for this if you want to get involved with a divorced Libra man. Here are things to look out for:

He Is Insecure About His Failed Marriage

It is unfortunate, but when a Libra man gets divorced it can be absolutely devastating for him. He really believes in true love and relationships, so when this fails, it can be so hard on him. 

His previous experience can make him quite insecure when it comes to love and make him unwilling to trust again. He is very scared of getting hurt and that he might be a failure once again. 

He might be less willing to give relationships another go because of what he has experienced in his previously failed marriage. This something that may have really burnt him. 

He May Come With Kids And Responsibilities

There is a great chance that your Libra man may very well had kids in his previous marriage. Although this isn’t always a problem for some women, others might have an issue with this, especially if the Libra man doesn’t want more kids. 

Children bring a lot of baggage to a relationship. It means that you will never be your Libra man’s first priority, they will always come first. If you’re a parent as well, this might be easier for you to understand than a woman who has never had kids. 

Just bare in mind that if you get involved with a Libra man who has been divorced, you may have a lot of compromising you need to do if you want this relationship to work. 

There Is An Ex-Wife In The Picture

The reality is, if your Libra man has been married before and he perhaps has kids, then his ex-wife may play quite a significant role in his life still. They may need to communicate a lot and this can cause problems for some. 

You may have to work on your feelings of jealousy and comparison because the fact that she is in his life still is simply a reality you are going to have to face. You need to deal with this or else you might ruin something special with your Libra man. 

Just remember that their relationship is over for a reason and he probably wants to move on. So let him move on with you, stop with the comparing it’ll only make you really unhappy!

9 Things You Should Know When Dating A Divorced Libra Man

1. He Really Wants To Fall In Love Again

There’s nothing a Libra man loves more than being in love, falling in love! This is a man who lives and breathes love, and he’s a die-hard romantic! He truly believes in finding his “one,” even though there may be more than one of those. 

Even when he’s divorced, he wants to fall in love again. He starts over, believing the best can happen. He will have learnt some valuable lessons, especially around the give-and-take of a relationship and around balance. This makes him even better for round two (or three!)

This means that even though he may still have problems lying between him and his ex, he will put you first. And isn’t that a wonderful thing to know, to trust in? 

2. He Will Have Unresolved Issues

Even though your Libra man will strive to give you his all, he will have a lot of unresolved issues. Why? Well, Libra is a non-confrontational sign, which means that they don’t always like dealing with problems. They’re prefer to put a fluffy bubble over everything and avoid the yucky stuff.

And so, the chances are very good that there’s plenty of yucky things between him and his ex. She may contact him to try and solve it, or be on his case.

Try not to let that trigger you. Understand that he needs to fight his own battles, and know that he does tend to be a people-pleaser in order to avoid the problem.

He may even take these issues out on your relationship, so it’s important to recognize when this may be happening, and to let him know you won’t take any of it on. He needs someone who can help him healthily deal with conflict in ways that are constructive, instead of destructive.

3. He May Have Moments Of Indecision

This is perhaps the hardest part to keep in mind when you’re dating a divorced Libra guy – he can be indecisive. Especially if he is fresh from a divorce, and he’s just met you, he may be ready for new love, but, being a typical Libra, he is famous for his indecisiveness! 

You may or may not see it – but you can be sure of the love is new, that he’s wondering if he made the right choice to leave his ex. Being such a romantic makes it hard for him to sometimes accept love is truly over. 

Of course, you should not suffer because of this. But, if you are newly dating, it may be a little bit of time before he appears to have fully made his mind up. 

4. He No Longer People-Pleases

When a Libra man has been through a relationship, he’s learned that it’s not constructive to people-please. He’ll always try and bend over backwards, but his first round will have taught him a lot. 

He may put himself first a lot more than a Libra man who hasn’t been married before, which can make you feel like second-best, but rest assured, he is still giving your relationship everything he has. He’s just not willing to have an unequal give and take anymore, which is, of course, understandable. 

5. He’s Looking for An Equal

A divorced Libra man is looking for his equal. He doesn’t want to have to be with someone who doesn’t give a smooch as he does, isn’t as art as he is and isn’t willing to share in the things that he loves. 

His last relationship may have had that tendency, which would have been an issue. This is why he has learned, and he’s not ready to take anything less than total equality! 

6. He’ll Want To Marry Again

Being the sign of romance, a Libra man will want to marry again. Yes, he’s not afraid of doing it a second or third time! He loves the idea of sharing his life, and of getting it “right” the second time around. 

So go ahead, start dreaming – it may take some time for him to make up his mind, but it’s not far from his thoughts, especially if you are madly in love and have been for some time! 

And now, it’s time to share your personal experiences! Have you, or are you, dating a divorced Libra man? How has it been for you? Have you found it easy – or challenging?  Do you have any tips to share? Your comments will stay totally anonymous and I just love hearing from you, my readers and clients! 

7. He May Not Want To Settle Down Again

There is also the possibility that your Libra man never wants to settle down again because of his experience with the divorce. This is something that may have really burned him and left him so unhappy. 

Unfortunately, if you want to get married, and he doesn’t, then chances aren’t very good for the longterm prospects of this relationship. You are going to have to make a decision if this is really what you want. 

Don’t put him first and do what he wants just because you want to be in a relationship. Remember to value yourself enough to wait for the person who actually wants to settle down!

8. He May Be Playing The Field

A divorced Libra man may be enjoying his freedom now that he is divorced. You might just be a play thing for him while he figures out his thoughts after his marriage has gone sour. 

You need to be prepared that he might be dating around and you might not be the only woman in his life. This is definitely a reality you need to keep in mind so that you don’t get hurt. 

It makes sense that he would want to look at all of his options, especially if his marriage was quite stifling and took his freedom away. You’re going to have to understand this to make it work with him.

9. He Is Going To Have His Moods

Libra men are in general very happy go lucky, however, a divorce may leave him a little scarred and wounded. Because of this he might be quite moody, especially if he doesn’t know how to properly process his emotions.

You need to prepared for him to be a little hot and cold with you at times. This is because he is confused and hurt. He probably doesn’t know what he wants and this can be very difficult for him to process. 

You are going to have to be very patient with him. This might not be very easy for you but if you think he is worth it, then he probably is. 

Dating A Divorced Libra Man With Kids – What To Consider?

He Might Not Want More Kids

A Libra man with kids comes with his own complications. There is a very big possibility that he might not want to have kids again. This can be pretty heartbreaking for those of you ladies who do. 

It is good to understand where he stands regarding this before getting too involved with him. If you want kids, and he doesn’t, it will be very difficult to compromise and make this relationship work.

His Children Will Be His First Priority

A Libra man is usually a wonderful father and takes his role very seriously. This is why you need to know that his children will always be his first priority. You will never come first. I know this sounds harsh, but its the truth. 

This is unlike dating a man who is childless. It might not be easy for some women to deal with this, but others might struggle not being his number one all of the time.

His Ex Will Play An Active Role In His Life

Those of you who are quite jealous will have a really tough time with this one… Because your Libra man is a single dad he probably still has a lot of contact with his ex. This is just the reality of co-parenting. 

You’re gonna have to deal with the text messages and phone calls from his ex. This is when you are going to have to learn to put your own insecurities away and realize he has to have a relationship with his ex because of the kids.  

How To Handle a Divorced Libra Man And His Kids?

A Libra man who is divorced is going to be painfully aware that he comes with a lot of baggage, especially if he has kids from his previous relationship. He knows this is a tough thing for most women. 

However if you can be super supportive and accepting of him and are okay with him having kids, then you are going to make his heart melt very soon. He needs a woman who can accept him; warts and all!

How To Know If A Relationship With A Divorced Libra Man Is Worth Fighting For

Relationships are generally quite confusing, but being with someone who is divorced like your Libra man just adds an extra layer of complication to it all. You might wonder if this relationship worth fighting for. 

Love is always worth it in my opinion and if a Libra man wants to be with you, he will make it happen. It doesn’t matter if he is divorced or not. You will know when a Libra man is serious about you.

He will want to be exclusive with you and you’ll know this because he will tell you. A Libra man has no problem getting into a relationship. When he wants you, you will know because he will tell you!

Red Flags In Dating A Divorced Libra Man That Should Not Be Ignored

Some divorced Libra men are definitely ready to move on and get serious with someone new, however, there are some who definitely got divorced for a reason. Check out these red flags:

1. He Isn’t Over His Marriage

Getting over a breakup can be extremely difficult for most people, but going through a divorce is absolutely devastating. When a Libra man isn’t over his marriage, he probably hasn’t really dealt with the loss yet. 

He’s probably in a lot of pain and actually just not ready to move on and be with someone else. This is a major red flag and you need to be very careful of this because you are always going to be second fiddle to his ex wife. You deserve way more than this!

2. He Is Constantly Trashing His Ex

A Libra man is usually quite charming, this is why it can be quite shocking to hear him trash talk his ex. This is a very big red flag, this shows that major problems were present in his relationship with her, and that he probably isn’t over her. 

A man who is angry and disrespectful towards his ex is definitely not someone you want to get involved with. It could be very easy for him to do the same thing to you. You need to be with someone who can move on from his ex without needing to talk badly about her. Let this be a warning!

3. He’s Texting His Ex Everyday About More Than Kid-Related Topics

I am sure you can agree, if your Libra man is constantly texting his ex and it isn’t about their kids, it is extremely fishy. I would be very uncomfortable with this and not stand for it at all. 

This means that there is still attachment with her and he is possibly not actually over her. This is very bad news and a massive red flag. What could he possibly want to be discussing with her? 

“No contact” might backfire with your Libra man

A LOT of dating coaches will tell you to go “no contact” to get your man back…

But that could be a HORRIBLE approach with a Libra man!

And you might not EVER hear from him again.

Unfortunately, dating coaches give out advice that assumes that all men are the same…

And that couldn’t be more wrong!

While “no contact” might work with some men…

It could cause your Libra man to think you’ve forgotten about him and moved on.

And I bet that ISN’T what you want, is it? 

Men are definitely NOT all the same.

If you really want him to come running back to you…

Scoop you up, shower you with kisses, and tell you what a fool he was for ending things…

And how he now knows you ARE the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with…

Then you need to understand EXACTLY how he ticks.

You need a detailed guide that will show you how to draw him back to you like a magnet…

So he realizes the beauty and joy you bring to his life is COMPLETELY irreplaceable.

You need to understand EVERYTHING you can about how his mind and heart work.

Don’t make the mistake of following generic dating advice and risk losing your Libra man forever.

Going “no contact” could be the absolute WORST approach you could use with him.

Find out what will REALLY work to connect with his heart now before it’s too late and he moves on.



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  • I’ve been with my Libra man going on 6 years now. We actually met each other at the age of 14. I moved into the neighborhood and we hit it off right away, we have loved each other for more then 6 years now. But as kids we both went our separate ways as we got older. He ended up moving out of state and met and married his ex, they had 3 kids together and were married for about 15 years. The thing that he connected with her is that they actually have the same birthday. I actually think that was their downfall too. But he views me as the one who got away because I got mad at him and stopped talking to him but 25 years later I found him on Facebook and we haven’t left each other’s side to this day. He had already been divorced from his ex for about 4 years when we reconnected. His ex actually calls me and we make arrangements to see the kids. I just think with them both being libras and having the exact same birthday they are too much alike and I personally believe that two people of the same sign is not a good thing. They butt heads too much. I’m the voice of reason a lot of times with the two of them.