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7 Reasons Why A Libra Man Acts Hot And Cold

Wondering why your Libra man is acting hot and cold? It can be unsettling to feel like he’s unsure about you, or not that into you. There may be many reasons, and not all of them to do with you, why he’s behaving this way. Let’s explore some of these and hopefully, shed some light on the situation. 

Did you know that Libra is the sign of love and relationships? This is not the type of sign to usually blow hot and cold, but sometimes, he does. And he has specific reasons for doing it. From your side, this can trigger all kinds of insecurities, and have you behaving in a very needy way. Not nice, right? 

Instead of asking him or pestering him for reasons why he’s acting this way, you can turn to astrology for some answers and comfort. And once you know, or you’ve figured it out, it becomes so much less stressful, and you don’t have to feel like you need to constantly get reassurance from him. 

In my experience as a Relationship Astrologer, knowing his astrology can go a long way to helping build understanding between you. 

7 Reasons Why A Libra Man Acts Hot And Cold

1. He Is Trying To Make A Decision

The number-one reason why he might be blowing hot and cold is because he’s trying to make some sort of decision about you and the relationship. Libra is notoriously the most indecisive sign in the Zodiac, and so they can fuss about, sitting on the fence and thereby torturing you! 

Of course, it never feels good to not be chosen instantly, but are there other factors going on to influence his decisions? Such as a breakup? Maybe you’re fresh from a breakup? Maybe he is immigrating soon? 

Try not to take it personally right away. First, do some investigation. If he’s just fluffing around, let him know you have options, too. That should do the trick! 

2. He May Have Someone Else He’s Seeing

Libra Boyfriend Acting Hot And Cold

Now, don’t fret, unless you have proper evidence that he’s seeing someone else. However, it’s true that, often, in the beginning of a relationship with a Libra fella, they may straddle two relationships at once. 

They are the sign of balance, so you can rest assured that they will, at some point, make their choice. But there are those few Libra guys that feed off the attention of many women at once and don’t feel bad about dating two at once. 

You can simply ask him to tell you, in a non-confrontational way. That should give you plenty of clues (look at his body language and listed to your gut), to make your own decision. 

3. He’s Got Other Stress Going On In His Life

He may be acting hot and cold because he has some other major life stress happening in his world. Such as legal issues, a move of home, problems with his kids, his boss, or employees. See, the Libra man is a people-pleaser, and he hates confrontation. 

So, he builds up his resentment and becomes extremely worn down by not setting boundaries. Maybe he’s just unable to be present with you, and it looks like he’s blowing you off. Make an effort to talk to him and encourage him to tell you about his day, then his life. 

The chances are very good that you’ll find all kinds of things going on under the hood! 

4. He’s Recently Had A Breakup Or Divorce

Hot And Cold Libra Man Recently Had A Breakup

Because this is the sign of relationships, you’ll find that relationships come to his mind more than most men’s. If he has recently (within the last year), gone through a breakup or a divorce, you can be very sure that this is the reason he is blowing hot and cold. 

He may just be in pain still, mourning over the past, and a lost love. Yes, it’s horrible to experience, as the woman who wants to be loved and treasured without his baggage getting in the way. But the truth is, everyone has baggage. And his is around love and loss. Try not to take it personally. 

5. He’s Falling In Love – And Scared

What can often happen with Libra men, is that they realize that they are falling in love with you – and then all they want to do is retreat. This makes them act in a way that seems hot and cold. One moment they want you, and the next, they feel like they have to get away. 

It’s confusing, unnerving, and triggering for you on the other end. You might be that woman who can’t understand why he won’t just jump in and give it all he’s got. But remember this – he’s indecisive. He wants to make the right choice. He also might be scared of being hurt – again. 

Give it time, but not so much that you get hurt. At some point, you can let him know that he’s either in – or out. 

6. He’s Not That Into You

Hot And Cold Virgo Not That Into You

One of the worst reasons that he could be hot and cold towards you is perhaps because he may not be all that into you. Yes, you heard right. Maybe he’s just not feeling connected to you or passionate about you. 

Not every relationship has to work out. Sometimes, it doesn’t and that’s fine. Even if it hurts, maybe there is someone out there who is much, much better for you anyway. Maybe, as charming as he is, he’s not treating you with the commitment you crave. You have the right to walk away, ladies! 

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7. He’s Overthinking Things

He could be blowing hot and cold simply because he is overthinking absolutely everything. Libra is an air sign, and all air signs have the tendency to overanalyze. 

When he’s gone cold, it’s potentially because he has just retreated into his head. He could be worrying about where the relationship is going, feeling insecure, falling in love, or thinking about his last relationship. 

You can try and coax him out of it by asking him if he wants to talk, which he usually does. However, you could also bract him by doing fun activities together, which he usually loves and enjoys to the maximum. It will also bring him close to you. Win-win! 

In conclusion, most of the time, it’s probably not about you as personal as it feels. Give things some time to develop, and as he begins to spend more time with you, he could draw closer and closer. Lean back, focus on your own life and do the things you love instead of waiting around for him. 

So – are you experiencing this hot and cold behavior with a Libra guy? Are you wondering what’s going on? Perhaps you have some tips and advice to share with our readers. I always love hearing from you – and learning from you! feel free to leave your insights in the comments box below. 

And, if you’d like to take a little quiz to see if you’re compatible, try out my compatibility quiz right here, just for fun!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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