Your Match: Libra Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How compatible are Libra man and Taurus woman? These two are likely to have a lot in common as far as interests and things they like to do together.

Libra man and Taurus woman in bed may not be the very best for either of them. However when there is a spark, there is a spark and so of course, you’d want to explore and learn as much as you can about your match. This article is designed to help you figure out where this match is on the scale. Keep reading to find out all you can.

If you really want to know if these two have a steamy connection or if it’s one that fizzles out, you probably want to learn what Libra guy wants. Keep reading to learn more about Libra man and Taurus woman in bed.

Libra Man and Taurus Woman In Bed – What To Expect

These two are likely to have a lot in common as far as interests and things they like to do together. Perhaps they love the same kind of music, they both like camping, travelling, or the same type of movies.

This makes for excellent spending time together but this is only surface activity. There are lots of issues these two will have to address if they’re going to make it past the initial chemistry they experience with each other.

These two are at odds in a lot of ways including sex. They have possibility but they will need to pretty much have to put in effort in order to make it become anything more than just sharing enjoyed activities together.

At the get go, Taurus woman loves the charm that the Libra man is able to draw her in with. He’s good looking, he’s well spoken, and he’s easy going. The Libra man loves that the Taurus woman likes to be candid and has high morals.

Taurus woman looks like a woman that can handle herself and at first glance, Libra man can appreciate this. However, he may also get the feeling that she’s not the type to put up with his indecisive nature.

This is one of those situations where Libra man Taurus woman love at first sight, doesn’t normally happen. They may like each other on some level but love isn’t something that will come easy for them.

Taurus Woman, Who She Is

Taurus zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Libra Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

The Taurus woman is very independent, intelligent, and able to build herself a personal empire. She’s not one who will easily put up with anyone’s crap and takes her time learning to trust.

She’s sassy and humorous. She lets you see the awesome side of her upon the first meeting. Her eyes are bright and she is gorgeous! She’s not going to let you see how soft on the inside she actually is.

Like her male counterpart, Taurus woman is much more sensitive emotionally than she will let on. She’s fragile but she’s able to put on a very strong exterior so that no one suspects a thing.

When she meets the Libra man, she’s attracted to him mostly on a physical level. He’s smooth, he knows what to say, and he’s easy to be around. He’s really attractive and seems like a lot of fun.

However, in time the Taurus woman may see how Libra man is unable to make choices that are important, is more spontaneous, and can appear sketchy at times with his mysterious nature.

He’s also a hit with the ladies. She’ll wonder what he’s up to when she sees him laughing and carrying on with a beautiful woman that isn’t her. Libra man Taurus woman attraction isn’t normally something very powerful.

They might dig each other but a friendship is more likely between these two than romance. Moon signs and ascendant signs are important to know as it can change things.

Libra Man, Who He Is

The Libra man is cool, calm, collected, and rarely gets angry. He’s funny, he’s definitely sexy, and is someone that can offer a good time. He’s very smart, knows what a woman wants to hear, and is very flirty.

The Libra man is always looking for “the one” but he’ll take a long time to figure out if the woman he’s with is the one or not. He’s a bit indecisive and can even be flaky sometimes.

He’s one that isn’t always sure of what he’s doing. He’s likely fantastic at whatever type of work he does but when it comes to his personal life, he’s not quite sure.

When he meets a Taurus woman, he loves how beautiful she is and how well spoken she appears to be. He can tell she’s a strong woman and he admires this about her.

He loves her ability to know what she wants and how she puts focus into it. This inspires him. However, he won’t like her abrupt temper or expectations of him. This is something he won’t know how to cope with and won’t want to upset her.

The Libra man Taurus woman attraction is a complicated situation that needs further scrutiny before they know whether or not it’s worth pursuing.

Libra man Taurus woman love at first sight just seems as though it would be nearly impossible. I mean anything can happen depending on the other aspects happening in their charts but mostly, it doesn’t happen much.

What Works Between Libra Man and Taurus Woman

As I mentioned, they’re likely to have quite a few things in common. They may like the same types of exercise, same types of cars, colors, food, etc. These are all surface things that couples use to compare when it comes to having things they’re unified on.

The thing is, this may be the only strong point in the relationship. They may really love going out to eat at a Mexican restaurant in town and they will enjoy the conversation they have.

Anytime they discuss what they are in line with each other on, they’ll be good. It’s what happens when they’re not out doing an activity that they love, they may have some difficulties.

Seeing life in the same way isn’t likely with the two. They do both have high morals but they are likely to have them in different ways. So they can get along and find middle ground on where they stand together.

They can build a strong relationship just based on their common ground. However, they will have a difficult time working on the other facets of their relationship.

Libra man Taurus woman love at first sight is extremely unusual for these two. I’m not going to say it never happens but it’s very rare indeed if it does. Whether or not it lasts is even a miracle.

What Libra Man Thinks of Taurus Woman; Especially in Bed

At first, the Libra man thinks he’s found a very sexy and intelligent woman he can spend his time with. However true to form; he’s going to analyze the heck out of things and be indecisive on whether she’s the right person or not.

He may do the hot and cold maneuver if he’s really uncertain. He likes her but he thinks she’s perhaps not someone to last long term. He really digs her and thinks she’s hot but he worries about her feelings.

Libra man isn’t as physical as the Taurus woman. He’ll appreciate that she’s someone who has the ability to take charge in the bedroom. However, he may not want to do quite as much touching and feeling. Foreplay is good but he may not be what Taurus woman would expect.

Libra man needs to know what Taurus woman wants in bed and she may not be forthcoming enough to tell him. She’ll assume he should know then be frustrated that he doesn’t do it.

They’re attracted to each other but Libra man is in the dark as far as what Taurus woman really needs in bed and to solve this problem, she’ll have to speak up and tell him what he’s doing right or what he needs to do.

In not knowing, Libra man in bed with Taurus woman becomes frustrated and unsure if he’s doing the right thing or if he should even bother. This could cause him to back off or seem uninterested in sex.

Taurus woman and Libra man in bed isn’t normally the fireworks type of situation. In fact, they may seem to not be charmed with each other. This could be something that requires work.

Libra Man Taurus Woman Marriage

What are these two like when they decide to marry? Are the Taurus woman Libra man soulmates? To be honest, this may be a rough connection if they decide to exchange nuptials.

Unless they are on common ground and may have means to get counsel from a friend, religious figure, or counselor then they might not make it. This is a difficult union dating and may even be worse married.

I do not see Taurus woman Libra man soulmates as being a thing. If they have other aspects in their chart that changes things up then there may still be an opportunity.

Going on sun sign alone, I don’t see Libra man Taurus woman marriage as being one that would happen or even succeed without lots of help. Taurus woman isn’t going to be good at being patient with the indecisive Libra man.

Again, it’s not impossible but not a high likelihood either that Libra man Taurus woman marriage is going to happen. Taurus woman and Libra man in bed aren’t the best of situations either which doesn’t make things any better.

Libra man in bed with Taurus woman isn’t everything he’s dreamed and she’s not into it as much as she might be with someone who is more her match.

Libra Man and Taurus Woman Problems

Taurus Zodiac Sign - Libra Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

As I just mentioned, sex may be an issue between them if they do not open up and communicate about what they want, what signs to look for when in the mood, and how to go about it for total satisfaction.

Another issue these two may come across is trust, or lack thereof. Both take an incredibly long time to trust anyone and so this could make them suspect each other all the time.

Taurus woman will definitely suspect the Libra man as he’s a rather secretive sort. He may be harboring harmless secrets but it makes it seem like he’s hiding something and Taurus woman will take issue.

These two have to teach who each other is or they will have no trust which will lead to the end of their path together. Trust is the core of any relationship. These two are no different.

Communication will be particularly frustrating for these two. Libra doesn’t want to step on toes or upset Taurus woman so he’ll walk on eggshells or not tell her what he should tell her.

Taurus woman will find it hard to listen to if her Libra man finally does open up to talk about how he feels. She may be offended or hurt. She will also have a hard time talking to him as she feels he’s not going to take her seriously.

These two will have to do some major “inner gardening” if they want this to last. I would suggest learning a method of communication that will help both of them understand each other.

Their emotions don’t line up very well either. Libra man likes a peaceful environment and doesn’t want anyone ruffling things up for him. Taurus woman may be a bit abrupt or cause him to feel stressed out, offended, or resentful.

Libra man with Taurus woman marriage isn’t likely to happen. They’d have to do some serious ground work in order to make it. Taurus woman and Libra man in bed may be a letdown for them both.

Libra Man with Taurus Woman Breakup

The Libra man doesn’t like to be the one doing the breaking up. He’ll go through hell and back before he finally says “I’m done”.  Taurus woman doesn’t like breaking it off either.

Both of these people will have difficulty deciding when to call it quits. They could talk and amicably part ways but they may instead push each other’s buttons until one of them finally says “enough is enough”.

Taurus woman may have some choice hurtful words to say to Libra man if she’s the one breaking it off. If it’s Libra man breaking it off, he’ll do his best to do it diplomatically which will piss Taurus woman off.

There is no real nice way for these two to break it off. They don’t understand each other all that well and if they already had problems communicating, they’re not going to get along well in breaking up either.

The likelihood of these two reuniting is not very likely. They’re so different and have trouble getting along that it’s more possible they will find other people that they’ll get along better with.

Libra woman and Taurus woman in bed wasn’t spectacular. Some couples are able to work through their issues because their intimacy works. However, these two may not even have this.

Libra man in bed with Taurus woman isn’t one that brings them to each other’s knees. It may be lacking and boring. This makes it hard to want to salvage any love they may have developed. Libra man Taurus woman sexually are not that compatible at all.

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The Final Score

All in all this couple doesn’t score well. In fact on a scale of 1 to 10, I give this couple a 3. These two aren’t typically “meant to be”.  The Libra man and Taurus woman soulmate match is not likely.

Libra man Taurus woman sexually are something that leaves to be desired which can put a damper on the other aspects of their possible relationship.

I’m not saying there isn’t hope or that they cannot find their way. In fact, there are other factors that could very much sway either one of them to be a bit different than most.

They may have rising signs that could change their behavior or ability to bend or compromise. They may also have moon signs that could make them more open to trust and communicate better.

These two otherwise, are going to find it very hard to find ground on which they can build a foundation. It’s great to have things in common and things they both enjoy doing together but they lack lots of important relationship qualities.

They have a hard time talking to each other about important things. They don’t want to discuss their feelings easily, and they will misunderstand each other often when they cannot be honest.

Taurus will want stability and so will Libra. However, if they cannot disclose what is going on with each of them individually, they will then fail to be able to keep building something for the future.

Libra man and Taurus woman in bed isn’t the best either so that just brings about more disappointment. Though if they could both relax and learn each other’s bodies they may be able to find some pleasure.

Again, it doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. If you are a Taurus woman who is in love with a Libra man, there are ways to work it out but it’s not going to be easy at all and you’ll need patience with each other.

You may try mediation or counseling to help you two find an effective way to communicate so that you can discuss important things as well as how you feel. This can help bring you closer and help you have a healthy foundation.

Anything is possible. I’d never throw in the towel on possibility. I know many articles would tell you that this won’t work and you should run. However, I say that where there is love, there IS hope and something long lasting CAN happen as long as you’re willing to put in the effort.

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