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The Libra Man With Aquarius Rising – What’s The Mystery With Him?

When you meet a Libra man and he seems super outgoing but wants to also spend a great deal of time alone; he may have Aquarius as his rising sign. If you’re dating or interested in a Libra man and notice he’s a bit different and maybe mysterious; keep reading for more clarity on other traits he may possess.

Who is Libra man with Aquarius rising 

The Libra man with Aquarius rising will be brilliant, passionate about his life and career, terribly funny, fun to be around, social, and driven no matter what he’s trying to accomplish.

He’s going to be a successful man who knows exactly how to accomplish his goals. He may be someone that will start his own business as he likely prefers to do things his way and left to his own devices.

If he isn’t running his own business; he’ll likely have a job that will allow him to get things done in his time and in his own way. These men typically will gravitate to such jobs as writing, engineering, or some type of scientific field. They’re not limited to these but they definitely are amazing in these types of careers.

He’s a dependable guy who will follow through on what he says he will do. Libra men often have a hard time being decisive or making a choice with excellent timing. He would prefer to hold it off and mull it over more.

With Aquarius as his rising sign; he’s going to know what the right thing is and will be a great deal more decisive. He’s intuitive and has a “knowing” what is going to work and what isn’t likely to work well.

That being said; he will apply this to potential partners as well. Aquarius typically knows fairly quickly whether or not someone is worth their time going forward. This will aid Libra on his quest to finding “the one”.

He has a fabulous and unique sense of style but no matter what he wears; you’ll find him unbelievably appealing or sexy. He’s got that natural “come hither” look on him at all times.

Relationships, Sex, and Love

attractive happy couple - Libra man with Aquarius rising

If you’re reading this then you want to know what he’s like as a lover, as a partner, and someone you’re considering spending your life with. The Libra man with Aquarius rising is someone who enjoys adventure.

He knows what he wants in bed but may experiment from time to time. He’s not classified as “the best” but he’ll know what to do and if you ask him specifically for something; he’ll likely oblige you.

Just be aware that even though Aquarius rising has that sense of if someone is worth their time and effort or not; he’ll still likely take his time because he’s in no hurry to hand his freedom away.

The Libra man with Aquarius rising is likely to want to spend a great deal of time alone where he can be himself and do his own thing. Only the right woman will get him to start negotiating his free time.

This will take time and much patience if you find yourself truly interested or in love with a Libra/Aquarius man. However; I can tell you that once he decides to commit; he will be very loyal.

He does what he says he will do and isn’t likely to be flaky. If he tells you he will help you with something; he will. If he agrees to meet you somewhere at a certain time; he’ll likely be there a few minutes early.

He doesn’t want to look bad let alone put a bad impression in his date or partner’s mind. He appreciates honesty and so he’s good at giving it. As far as feelings go though; he’s not going to be forthcoming.

Libra struggles with talking about his feelings typically and with Aquarius rising he’ll just leave it at “don’t ask, don’t tell”. That means that if you want to know something about him or his feelings; you’ll need to ask.

The Overall View

The Libra man with Aquarius rising is pretty well rounded. He’s very smart and looking for a woman who is very independent, has her own life, enjoys time with him, but will not pressure him to hurry up in a relationship.

Marriage will definitely not be something this man will be in a hurry for either. It will take him a good long while to figure out if his partner is someone he wants to invest in for the long haul.

He’s one that could live happily with a partner without actually having to get married. So beware. If you try to pressure him in any way about this; he may decide you’re not what he wants and then call it off.

The Libra/Aquarius rising man also tends to remain friends with his ex’s and this can be annoying if you’re in a relationship with him and you notice he’s still talking to an ex that just won’t go away.

He may even want to meet up with her now and then for coffee as normal friends would. Be really honest with him about how you feel otherwise he’s going to think it’s alright and you’re going to be very rattled.

Don’t let it get the better of you and don’t assume anything. He does keep these friendships but it’s not so that he can backtrack and get back together with the ex. He just sees no reason to cut each other and be mean if it’s not necessary.

This is a diplomatic man who is able to see both sides of the coin so if you explain how uncomfortable you are about anything going on between you two; you’ll find better success in communication.

In fact; its best that you have a logical approach when explaining why you feel the way you do. Success and change only comes from when you let him know there is an actual problem that needs to be worked on.

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Libra guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him! 

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

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