Your Match: Libra Man and Aries Woman Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The Libra man and Aries woman compatibility is quite opposite and yet they have the ability to make a match. Keep reading to find out how these two match.

The Libra man with Aries woman compatibility is quite opposite and yet they have the ability to make a match. They are both social people but they’re very different in their life approach. Libra man is peaceful and Aries woman is a bit more on the rowdy side. The pair has a potential to work at it and make it. Even a Libra man and Aries woman marriage is possible. Keep reading for more information.


The magic between Libra man and Aries woman happens with their ability to charm one another. They’re both quite talented in saying the right things, being social, and being able to talk easily about everyday things.

Libra man will be enamored by the Aries woman’s intelligence and ability to be humorous. A good sense of humor wins the Libra man’s attention.

He’s also good at making jokes and making Aries woman feel comfortable. Is there a possibility of a Libra man and Aries woman soulmate connection? Oddly enough, yes!

As far as on a very carnal level, Aries woman is very dominant which suits Libra man just fine as he loves it when a woman takes charge. However, she may be a little more aggressive than he’s used to.

The two of them can find some common ground and it’s certainly a relationship worth exploring despite the differences that may befall them. They have to want to put the effort in.

Emotionally, these two can create a fantastic bond once they let each other in. Libra man wants to take his time where Aries woman wants to dive right on in. Aries woman will have to be more patient with her Libra guy.

These two personalities are both independent and this is another thing they share. However, Aries woman will be the jealous type where Libra man is relaxed about most things.

Aries Woman, Who She Is

Aries zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Libra Man and Aries Woman Compatibility

The Aries woman is strong, powerful, dominate, social, funny, smart, and witty. She’s a woman of beauty and a pillar of strength that no man could ever forget.

It will take a man who understands her to make her want to settle down. A man with patience will go a long way with her.

When she’s in love, she glows and you can tell. She’s very flirty and not the most patient of women. However, this only means that she knows what she wants and not afraid to go after it.

She loves to dress up and look sexy for her guy or for whomever she may be interested in at the time.

When it comes to meeting the Libra man, she’s drawn in by his elegance, style, and wit. He seems to match her in that way which makes her want more.

She will likely feel as though he “gets” her and as such, she’ll want to explore to see how far he’s willing to go and if the two can make it for the long term. Just like any other woman, she finds Libra man irresistible.

Libra Man, Who He Is

The Libra man is quite intelligent, funny, and very charming. He loves being around people and he loves soliciting attention where he can get it. He can be seen going out often.

He’s mysterious, intriguing and hard to resist. He makes it so easy for anyone to be around him, especially any woman who starts finding him interesting. He’s a sucker for compliments.

Like Leo, he’s seeking someone who will appreciate who he is and will want to be told how awesome he is. He’s a peaceful type of guy and doesn’t like conflict.

He will avoid arguments as much as possible which can cause him to “walk on eggshells” if he’s fearful a woman may get upset with him.

When it comes to Aries woman, he’s excited by how sexy and captivating she is when she speaks to him. He loves how funny and personal she is. He wants to know more.

He will want to take more time to get to know her. However, if she pushes too hard too fast, he’ll be fearful and could retreat. Aries woman will have to be patient with Libra man.

What Works Between Libra Man and Aries Woman

When the Libra man and Aries get to talking about their lives and what they believe in, they’ll notice that they are strikingly similar in many ways which makes them pull closer together.

Naturally they are different people so this won’t be perfect but they can find some easy middle ground. If they hang in there and have children, Libra man will make a loving father and Aries woman will be a fantastic disciplinarian.

Libra man is always looking for balance and where he lacks the ability to make choices, Aries woman can actually help him come to a conclusion so he’s not sitting on important decisions for too long.

She’ll quickly help him figure things out and so he won’t procrastinate as much in his life. They’re also fantastic when it comes to emotions. They both feel things deeply and passionately.

When they fall in love, their love will overcome just about any problems they may have crop up between them. Their desire to be together will help them work it out.

Sex will likely be fantastic. Libra is very passionate and willing to please his Aries woman without fail. She’ll easily guide him and tell him what she wants so he’s not left guessing.

She will also let him know when she’s “in the mood” and he’ll really appreciate that. He hates trying to guess if a woman wants sex or not. She’ll take initiative and he likes that about her.

What Libra Man Thinks of Aries Woman; Especially in the Bedroom

Aries sign - Libra Man and Aries Woman Compatibility

The Libra man will absolutely be putty in the Aries woman’s hands. She’s so sexy, knows how to turn him on, and doesn’t have fear of initiating their lovemaking session.

He will know what she wants it, where she wants it, and when she wants it. Though he’s highly turned on by his Aries woman, he may sometimes be a little frightened or overwhelmed.

She’s beautiful and knows what she wants but sometimes if she’s too aggressive, he may shut down a little bit or pull back. The two of them simply need to communicate their feelings.

As long as they can talk, they can solve just about anything. Aries woman isn’t patient but she knows what she wants and she’s very good at problem solving. Libra man is good at weighing both sides of any situation.

These two can put their heads together and find a deeper connection than can be imagined. Where they may seem like opposites, they are actually quite similar.

Passion will never be lacking between these two and surely deep love is formed between them in their bonding process.

There will be fireworks in the bedroom between the Aries woman and Libra man. They’re both into what they do and both want to give ultimate pleasure which makes them a hot match.

Libra Man and Aries Woman Problems

Naturally this isn’t an absolute perfect match but it’s pretty darned close. Some say these two are just two different but from my perspective, they CAN make it work as well as make it last.

They must first work through the problems they may face together. Again, Aries woman is impatient and this could freak her very patient and peaceful Libra man out from time to time.

If she tries to rush him into anything such as living together, marriage, or having children,it may make him become resentful and harbor ill feelings toward her that builds over time.

These two need to learn to properly talk to each other so that they understand where each is in the equation of their relationship. Trust can become a bit of an issue as well.

Libra takes awhile to learn to trust his partner. Aries woman has to show her man that he’s the only one for her in order for him to feel comfortable. He’s terrified of getting burned in love.

The lack of common interests may be an issue between them. They’re alike in important ways but activities they like may be very different. They’ll have to find common ground or learn to share their likes with each other.

They may be very opposite when it comes to things they like. This is where the need to have their individual independence comes into play. They can spend time apart doing their own thing then back together to share their lives.

Libra Man and Aries Woman Breakup

If the two of these people break up, it’s bound to be chaotic and painful. Libra man isn’t one for being the one to do it. He’ll have a hard time finding the courage or decisiveness.

Aries woman will be the one to break it off most likely and she won’t be nice about it. She’ll tell him how weak and indecisive he is or a multitude of other things she finds flaws with in him.

The two of them could possibly form an after break up friendship but it’s more likely that Libra man will move on to find other female attention while Aries woman will be deeply saddened to lose her Libra guy.

Aries woman can be very painfully crafty in her dialect when it comes to arguing and telling Libra man why she’s ending it all. He won’t know what hit him.

In fact, it may hurt him more than one can imagine. If they were really close and end up breaking up, they will both have a hard time moving forward. If they weren’t that close, Aries woman will keep her search on and Libra man will take a break.

A break up will not be nice between the two of these people unless they both realize it’s not working and can try to amicably part ways.

The Final Score

The relationship between these two has some great potential though it still requires a bit of work. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this couple a 7. They have to really open up to each other.

The Aries woman will need to learn how to be more patient. That’s not an easy thing for her to accomplish but if she loves the Libra man enough, she’ll do what she has to.

The Libra man will have to be a bit more decisive because if he leaves his Aries woman hanging for too long, she’ll leave and move on to someone who is ready for her love.

He’ll also need to be a bit more decisive when they’re together planning outings. While they may have different likes or activities, they can do some things together then do some things separately.

As long as they work at the relationship and really talk to each other, they can make this happen. The sexuality between them is hot! They have the capability of having the best sex of their life with each other.

They also have the capacity to open up to share each other’s feelings. Aries woman has to watch her words and how she says things otherwise she’ll hurt her sensitive Libra.

He has to stand up for himself more and confront his Aries woman when she’s wronged him otherwise things will not get better and he’ll learn to resent her. Again, these two have a bit of work to do.

They can make it and they can also make it last for a life time. They would make tremendous parents and example of what should be like when two people put in the effort to be together.

Other sites think these two don’t have what it takes but I believe there is always hope! As long as you feel there IS hope, stick with that. Trust what your gut is telling you and know that it always has the right answers.

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