5 Shocking Things Every Libra Man Wants In A Relationship

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
I’ve presented five different desires that the Libra man has in a relationship. I think you’ll be surprised at some of these. Your Libra man is more complex than he lets on! 

Are you crushing on a Libra guy? Maybe you’re wondering what it is that he’s looking for in a relationship… even those things that you don’t expect out of him. 

So, what is it that the Libra is looking for? Does he have any taboo desires? What art of him should you most look to appeal to?

I’m Anna Kovach and I’ve been a Relationship Astrologer for many years. I have seen the inner workings of all of the signs and I’ve learned a thing or two about what a Libra man really wants along the way. 

I’ve presented five different desires that the Libra man has in a relationship. I think you’ll be surprised at some of these. Your Libra man is more complex than he lets on! 

I encourage you to peruse this list and ask yourself if you’re able to meet the shocking needs of the Libra man. Once you’re aware of what he wants, it puts you in a position to hone your relationship skills in a specialized way for your Libra man.

Are you curious to find what I’ve gathered over years of experience? If so then keep reading to find out the lesser-known things that the Libra desires in a relationship! 

5 Shocking Things Every Libra Man Wants In A Relationship

1. Friendly Debates

Friendly Debate With A Libra Man

Here’s the thing: Libras are huge peacekeepers and conflicts send them over the edge most of the time. In a serious argument where tempers are flaring, he will likely shut down and give in to any demands to make the fight end. 

What is not well known about Libras is that while they hate arguing, they actually adore debate. Good natured sparring is one of their greatest joys. They have the ability to examine an issue from all angles very quickly, so they thrive in the atmosphere of lively discussion. 

They are intelligent people so being on their level intellectually helps. This allows there to be a fair faceoff, which is important to the Libra. Never punch below the belt and don’t fight dirty, as this will shift the tone dramatically. 

If you’re able to have a good, clean debate with nothing but love at the heart of it, then you’re about to make a Libra man very happy! 

2. To Stay In Touch With Exes

This one really is pretty shocking! You might say “Wait, Anna! I though Libras were serial monogamists? Why would they want to talk to their ex??” And I would tell you yes, Libras do tend to be totally dedicated monogamists. However, they value every partner they’ve ever been with! 

Libras don’t enter partnerships lightly. If they do, it’s because they actually see themselves building a life with that person. As a result, their partners don’t tend to be the types that they see the need to cut off completely. They value their relationships and can see past their history together. 

This can be triggering for some people dating a Libra. They may have old insecurities from past romances that have taught them that their partner can’t be trusted with exes. However, I encourage you to put that insecurity on the shelf to the best of your ability. 

The Libra never would have agreed to be yours unless he meant it! If you judged them to be a good enough person to date then odds are they deserve your trust. Libra would be heartbroken to be torn between their current lover and their now good friends. Be honest with the Libra, but attempt to compromise (because they are usually open to that). 

3. A Partner Who Pulls Their Weight

What Libra Man Wants In A Relationship

Speaking of compromise, let’s dive into that some more. Libras will do whatever it takes to keep the peace. They often won’t voice their own objections in favor of making others comfortable. This goes at least double for their partner. 

I know it can be very tempting to allow the Libra to do mental gymnastics to justify why they should keep their issues in the relationship to themselves. Don’t let it happen! The Libra will not be able to take this pressure after a while. 

Granted, it is typically the Libra’s choice to keep their complaints silent. This is why it’s important to do check-ins with them. Ask them how you can be better for the relationship. Ask if his needs are being met. Ask how you can improve. 

Giving the Libra a chance to voice their concerns in a way that won’t anger you or make you uncomfortable is exactly what they need. Ask the tough questions and the Libra will thank you for it. 

4. Lots Of Time To Decide

Libras are represented by the scales of justice. You know how juries deliberate for hours, days, or even weeks? Libras are capable of doing that for even seemingly simple decisions. They are notoriously indecisive! 

To more assertive and quick signs (I’m looking at you, Aries women) this is a total drag. Waiting around while the jury in the Libra’s head deliberates could drive you up a wall. Despite this, there is not much the Libra can do about it. It’s simply how their thought process works. If they are pressured to make a decision then they will likely defer to what you think is best… ending any chance that their voice gets heard. 

This is why they really need a patient partner. If you are fine with waiting around while they figure out what they want the Libra will be eternally grateful. It’s unusual for them to meet someone who can deal with their chronic indecision. Doing so will endear the Libra to you in a big way!

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5. A Graceful Partner

Libras are ruled by the planet Venus, planet of beauty, charisma, and charm. They enjoy great humor, good wit, and excellent aesthetics. You’re going to find that the Libra themself is usually poised and has a great ability to ‘read the room.’

This is exactly why their partner should also be composed and graceful. Potty humor, crude comments, and embarrassing antics will send a Libra into a tail spin. 

In addition, they will experience huge secondhand embarrassment if their partner is too confrontational. If you’re the type of person to cause a scene in the restaurant because your breadsticks were cold then expect your Libra partner to be cringing and hiding their face in the opposite seat. 

They have serious issues with a rude partner. Stay kind and soft spoken. The Libra understands that others need to be assertive (this is a trait they themselves wish they had). They only ask that their partner make their voice heard in a composed manner. 

So, bestie. What’s your take on the shocking needs of the Libra? Does he ask too much, or can you get where he’s coming from? Let me know what your hot take is in the comments! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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