How To Get A Libra Man To Chase You (5 Sneaky Ways)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
It’s poker time baby. You cannot withhold too much about yourself or he’s going to lose interest. Learn how to get a Libra man to chase you.

If you’ve ever met a Libra man then you should know how romantic and sweet this guy can be. He’s a flirt and always has a string of ladies vying for his attention. Because of this, you might be wondering how to get a Libra man to chase you. How can you stand out from the rest and make him smitten with you?

Libra men can also be a little passive at times, which might make you wonder do Libra men like to be chased seeing as he never seems to be the one doing the chasing.

However, as a woman, it doesn’t always feel good being the one doing the pursuing. Sometimes we just need a man to run after us and do all of the groundwork. If this is what you want from your Libra man, then you have come to the right place. 

If you’re looking to find out all my tips and tricks on how to get a Libra man to chase you then keep on reading. I have all the secrets and I am ready to share them with all of you lovely ladies!

Do Libra Men Like To Be Chased?

Chasing a Libra man can be a little tricky because it is very easy for things to backfire if you seem a bit too interested in him. Ladies, you need to remember that a Libra man is an Air sign and they need a lot of stimulation, if they get things too easily, then they just get bored and lose interest. 

Libra is the sign represented by the scales, meaning that they are always looking for balance. And this is exactly the approach you need to take when you’re after a Libra man. There has to be a nice push and pull between the two of you. 

Show him that you are interested, but also be ready to lean back and make him do the work. The dynamic between you and your Libra man should feel like a dance. Chase him a bit to make him aware that you are interested, but mainly focus on your own life and let him come to you. 

Don’t Chase A Libra Man — 4 Reasons Why You Should Never Chase A Libra Man

Libra men can be so confusing! One minute he is all over you, the next you don’t hear from him for days. This is because this sign is all about balance and too much of one thing freaks him out.

Here are four reasons why you should never chase a Libra man:

He Believes In Equality

A Libra man is all about balance, fairness, and equality. This is what he continues to strive for in his life because this is what makes him feel most at peace and comfortable in his own skin. 

This is one of the reasons why I would never recommend chasing a Libra man too much because it will make him feel off kilter. He needs to put in some of the work or else everything just feels out of balance to him.

He wants to be given the opportunity to chase you as much as you are chasing him. So try to lean back in the times you feel like you are doing too much of the legwork, you’ll quickly see him making back the effort, don’t you worry!

It Overwhelms Him

A Libra man might be one of the most romantic signs in the Zodiac who is on a constant journey trying to find love, but the truth is love can be a little daunting for him.

The thing you need to realize about a Libra man is that he can be very indecisive in life, but especially in love. He might always be questioning in the back of his mind if he is making the right decision or not and this can be very overwhelming. 

So if you continue to chase him without giving him any breathing room then he is going to feel very overwhelmed and like he has made the wrong decision because essentially he feels trapped.

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He Is A People Pleaser

If you didn’t know this about your Libra man, then it is about time that you do! A Libra man is a people pleaser, he will do whatever it takes to make the people in his life feel happy and comfortable, often sacrificing his own happiness. 

This means that he might often find himself in situations that make him feel uncomfortable or wouldn’t choose for himself because it makes someone else happy. 

If you continue to chase your Libra man, then you might be pushing him into a relationship he doesn’t actually want. And why would you want to be with a man who didn’t choose you anyway?

If you give your Libra man enough space to miss you and see your worth, then he is going to pick you regardless. Because the other option is just going to lead to him resenting you! So beware!

You Might Be Pressuring Him

As you must know, a Libra man is full of positivity and good vibes. He’s actually a gentle soul who wouldn’t want to hurt a fly. He’s all about peace and harmony in his life. This makes him very friendly and nice to be around.

This means that he often finds himself in situations that can make him actually feel a little uncomfortable. If you have a very strong personality type, it is possible that you might be intimidating him and pressuring him to be with you. This is not what you want. 

Ask yourself if you have been chasing him too hard because you might be scaring him off with your forwardness. Give him the space to show you who he is and also to get to know you on a chilled and relaxed level.

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Will A Libra Man Chase You? Truth Revealed

When it comes to anything to do with Libra men then you can be guaranteed that the crux of the situation needs balance. Libra men like to chase, and they like to be chased. It just needs to feel natural! 

Libra men aren’t pursuers like Aries or Scorpio, but they aren’t exactly the type to sit back and wait like Cancer or Pisces either. If they know that a woman is interested in them, then they’ll make the effort. 

But if a woman puts too much effort into getting a Libra man, then he is going to feel scared off as well. So if you can master this dance with your Libra man then you should be golden! Go for it when you need to, and lean back when necessary!

How To Get A Libra Man To Chase You 5 Ways To Make A Libra Man Obsessed With You

1. Show Your Hand

It’s poker time baby. You cannot withhold too much about yourself or he’s going to lose interest. You also cannot tell him too much or he’ll lose interest. When I say show him your hand, show him enough that will get him motivated.

Show him your sweet side, show him how considering you are, how outgoing or social you may be, talk about intelligent things, and most importantly, be yourself. If you try to be anything else, he’ll see your mask rather than who you are.

You want him to see your inner core so that he’ll understand that you’re the perfect match for him which will then motivate him to want to spend more time with you or spend time talking to you via phone, text, email, etc.

Libra man wants to be with a woman who is very genuine, talented, smart, witty, and independent. If he’s able to see these qualities in you, he’ll do just about anything to get your attention or show you he digs you.

2. Let Him Lead

Ok, this is going to sound a bit tricky but it does work. Libra man needs to know you’re into him but he doesn’t want you to take the lead and try to come after him aggressively.

He wants to be the man in the situation and therefore, he’ll need you to be a bit more passive or spontaneous. Libra ironically isn’t very spontaneous. However, he may surprise you with the opening in his meticulous schedule.

All you need to do is simply let him know you dig him and you’d like to get to know him better then let him take it from there. You may find that he actually starts to message you, text you, or give you a call more and more.

Of course, you’ll need to respond to him when he does message you otherwise he’s going to think that maybe you don’t really like him that much and he’ll give up quickly. Be sure to stay on top of what he sends you.

3. Share Your Uniqueness With Him

Libra men tend to be attracted to women who are different than everyone else. If you’re into things that most other people aren’t really into, let him know. He may be a corporate boss and you may be a woman who stays home writing articles for a living.

However, you may also be interested in things that are very different and interesting. Basically, you’re intriguing him with how unique you are and it’s inspiring to him.

If you like to dress in clothing that runway models don’t wear, so be it! If you like wearing jeans and t-shirts but you own it, he’ll really like that. He may be used to women wearing dresses and heels but finds you refreshing.

He is one that can look at both sides of the coin and so he will find you super interesting because you’re different than most other women he’s ever dated and this makes him want to get closer to you.

4. Talk About Him, Ask Questions

Talk about the things that really interest you then ask him questions about what he’s into. He’ll dig the attention and learn about you all at the same time. He won’t always listen to you if you don’t include him somewhere in the conversation.

Libra men love talking about themselves and how good they are with what they do and so compliments will do you some good. It gives you some footing to show him that you’re interested in who he really is.

The more you talk about him and his endeavors or basically listen to what he has to say, he’ll appreciate it and think that you really care. Doing this makes him want to talk to you even more.

This is one of the most effective routes to take when you’re trying to get a Libra man to chase you. Give him lots of attention, affection, and consideration and he’s all yours.

5. Stimulate His Intellect

Try to quickly find topics he’s really interested in talking about and then engage in conversation around those topics. If he’s into politics, bring up the latest news in politics and ask him for his opinion.

If he’s into collecting antiques, ask him what types of antiques he’s got, and then flex any knowledge you have about them. And if you don’t have any, ask him for some history, he’ll love that you want to learn.

Naturally, if you’ve got some interests that he doesn’t know as much as you about, flex those too. He’ll be impressed and possibly turned on by how smart you are. If you’re at the top of your class or a top worker in your job, tell him.

A Libra man wants a woman who will inspire him to be his very best. If you can pull off giving him this feeling in the early stages, he will for sure give you a good chase. I wouldn’t try going silent or ignoring him though because he’ll just think you aren’t into him.

Once he gets that idea in his head, he won’t bother to waste time or energy to chase you down. Be very careful. Let him suggest the dates but if he doesn’t, you can suggest getting together soon but let him nail down the date and time.

Check the video below for some more tips on how to get a Libra man to chase you:

My Final Thoughts On How To Get A Libra Man To Chase You

Libra men are seriously great partners! They are social butterflies who love to spend their time with people. These guys are also really into romantic relationships, so it shouldn’t be difficult to get a Libra man to fall in love with you, but it might take some work to get him to chase you at first – he tends to be a little passive.

All you truly need to do is to be a fun and lively woman, and that means being yourself first and foremost. No Libra man could ever love a phony or a woman who is pretending to be someone she is not. 

A Libra man really finds independence super attractive and a woman who doesn’t like to cause drama. He wants to be with someone who is chilled and can go with the flow of things because he really can’t stand it when a woman puts pressure on him. 

A Libra man believes things should form naturally in a relationship. Sure, he likes flirting but he doesn’t want to play any mind games. Straightforward is always best! He loves it when a woman says what she means, especially when she is complimenting him!

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