Your Match: Libra Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
When the Libra man gets together with a Leo woman, sparks fly due to their many things in common. But how compatible are Libra man and Leo woman really?

When the Libra man gets together with a Leo woman, sparks fly due to their many things in common. They’re a lot alike and this is what draws them to each other.

Leo woman is quite stunning and Libra man is quite charming. The two gravitate to one another. They aren’t perfect but keep reading for more of a larger scope of what Libra man Leo woman brings.


Libra man Leo woman are like a dynamic duo when it comes to being social. They’re both into being out and about. They want to be around other people and be the light in the dark room.

They’re both charming in different ways and both understand each other’s sense of humor. Where there may be some sort of issue is when they both want to be the center of attention.

It may not always be possible for both of them to steal the show every time. However, as a couple, they may draw in the masses. Libra man seeks out female attention more than the Leo woman seeks out male attention.

Trust could very well be an issue between them. Leo woman isn’t quite as free spirited as the Libra man. She will absolutely become jealous when she sees other women hitting on her man.

The thing is, he’ll eat it up. Not just the attention he’s getting from the other woman but the reaction from his Leo lady. He’ll later decide though, it’s too much drama and he doesn’t like it.

Libra man is indecisive and as such he may like something one minute and then after thinking on it for awhile, decides he’s not as into it as he initially thought. This can happen in a Libra man with Leo woman relationship.

Also something to mention is Libra man Leo woman sexually are quite appealing though it’s hard to figure out who will be the aggressor and who will be passive. Libra man is more likely to succumb to his Leo woman’s desires.

Libra man and Leo woman in bed brings the truth to the two’s connection and zest for life. They’re passionate about each other which helps them enhance their passion about everything else in their lives.

Leo Woman, Who She Is

Leo zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Libra Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

This woman is high class, intelligent, dresses on point, and can get attention from anyone around her no matter where she goes. People just naturally notice her and gravitate to her energetic field.

She’s very kind, is likely involved in humanitarian types of projects or causes. She cares about people as well as animals. It wouldn’t be at all shocking if she has several pets in her own home via rescue.

She’s witty, has a great sense of humor, and feels comfortable. It’s easy to see why she’d have a trail of men pining for her attention. She’s definitely never in desperate need for companionship.

This gives the Libra man a run for his money. However, Libra man can charm just about anyone to do anything for him. He can use this same tactic on the Leo woman which will impress her.

The sparks are pretty easily ignited with these two. She will feel as though he’s adorable and loves the attention he gives to her. He will bask in the warmth of her love. The Libra man Leo woman Soulmate match is definitely possible.

Libra Man, Who He Is

The Libra man is well put together. He’s incredibly smart, funny, knows what to say at any given moment, and makes friends easily. He has some interesting stories that make everyone hang onto his every word.

He likes to dress very well; he likes to be social, and has a positive attitude most of the time. He can be moody at times but then again, most people can. He’s not really the jealous type and is open to options.

This man is very nice to people even if he really doesn’t like them. He’ll keep his thoughts to himself or within his very close knit circle of friends/family. He’s not one to tell someone what he really thinks of them. He can be prone to gossip.

When the Libra man bumps into the Leo woman, he’s floored by her beauty and her absolute magnetic force around her. He’ll be just like every other guy in the place, taken in by her essence.

When the two start to talk and become more, they realize how much they have in common. They feel the inner fire that matches nicely. Though there may be a little work necessary, these two have some real potential Libra man and Leo woman marriage.

What Works Between Libra Man and Leo Woman

There is actually more that works than there is that doesn’t. These two love to spend hours talking about things that they love in life. They talk about their adventures and desires.

Their intellect is connected and so they can stay up all night discussing psychics or theories that they believe are important to life on Earth. Who knows what they will talk about but whatever it is, they’re both excited!

Emotionally, these two coordinate very well. They seem to really “get” one another which means that they can feel each other needs. Not many couples are able to do this. It makes the Libra man and Leo woman relationship very special.

Their value systems are similar but may vary a bit. It’s not likely that’s a means for concern but if they are too different, they can still find some middle ground to agree on and follow through on.

Perhaps the Libra man and Leo man parents may differ on how to raise children. However, they surely can figure out how to come together and make it work for the best.

Libra man Leo woman sexually, these two are on fire! These two actually feed off each other and inspire the best. Libra man will do anything to please his Leo woman in bed. In fact, the Libra man Leo woman sex life will be quite amazing. In fact, Libra man and Leo woman in bed are a union many wish they had.

Both will be completely fulfilled and not feel the need to roam. This is important because both of them are very flirty and can look “elsewhere” when they’re not happy. These two are typically in harmony and don’t need to look anywhere else.

What Libra Man Thinks Of Leo Woman; Especially In Bed

Leo Zodiac Sign - Libra Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

As I mentioned, the Libra man with Leo woman sex life is likely very fulfilling. The Libra man feels the love and passion his Leo woman brings to the table which makes him want to give her the world.

Libra man and Leo woman in bed will feel very fulfilled being with him both in and out of the chambers of intimacy. Libra man thinks that his Leo woman is so warm, comfortable, easy to be with, and very loving.

He’s absolutely mesmerized by her beauty and ability to make him feel like her king. Leo woman is after all, a queen and she is seeking the right man to be her king. Libra man feels he is this man.

These two trust each other sexually and aren’t afraid to experiment and be passionate in their union. The Libra man and Leo woman may be the type of couple that go at it all night long.

With that said, Libra man thinks the world of his Leo woman. He thinks that she’s everything he could ever ask for and then some. This doesn’t however; quench his desire to get attention from other women.

This is something embedded in him and even if he has the most perfect mate possible, he still likes women showing him appreciation or adoration. It doesn’t mean he’ll cheat but he might piss his Leo woman off.

Make up sex may be pretty hot with Libra man Leo woman sexually. Leo woman loves to get her aggression out somehow and what better way than by ravaging her Libra lover.

In fact; Leo woman and Libra man break up could be some of the hottest sex there is plus it may bring the back together thus not parting ways at all. You never know with these two. The Leo woman and Libra man arguments can be quickly diffused with a romp in the hay.

Libra Man and Leo Woman Problems

Where these two will likely struggle the most is with Trust issues. Libra man isn’t that jealous. He loves to seek out attention, receive it, and sees no problem with it. He thinks his Leo woman should trust him.

However, the Leo woman can become very jealous seeing him carrying on with other women or seeing the other women hitting on him all the time. Whether that be online or in person, she’ll lose her cool.

He does this quite often and if or when she walks into the room, he clicks off a picture real quick of a woman in his friend’s list that gives him attention. He probably has NO intention on getting together with her.

However, he will entertain the flirting process. If it goes too far, he’ll tell the woman that he has a girlfriend/wife so that it stops. It doesn’t necessarily mean the other woman will give up easy either.

When Leo woman starts seeing hearts as comments on his things via social media by this woman, she’ll definitely blow her stack. She’ll want to rip this woman’s heart out and show it to her.

On the flip side, Leo woman is a bit of a flirt herself. However, Libra man will show little to almost no jealousy whatsoever which makes Leo woman feel unloved or insecure about their relationship. She wants him to be at least a little jealous.

There is something about a little jealousy that goes a long way with these two. Libra man and Leo woman in bed gets enhanced if one sees the possibility of losing the other coming clear.

Something else that may differ is their idea of activities together. They may not be similar and if that’s the case, they’re going to have to learn to compromise or do things individually to maintain the bond they built.

These two really have to work on it otherwise; Leo woman and Libra man break up can occur between them. That’s a whole other bag of worms. Their Leo woman and Libra man arguments can be quite atomic.

Libra Man and Leo Woman Breakup

If these two break up, it’s likely going to be the Leo woman becoming frustrated by her Libra man or the trust being breached by him talking to another woman inappropriately.

Again, I’m not saying he’ll cheat but I am saying that he tends to push the envelope when it comes to talking to other ladies. He’ll get right to the edge and then try to back out.

This could make his Leo woman go nuts and could definitely cause many arguments to ensue. Libra man doesn’t like confrontation or drama. He will see his Leo woman as over reactive.

The Leo woman and Libra man arguments could be quite nasty. At first Libra woman will shrug it off but she won’t forget. She’ll wait and then when he’s done it one too many times, she’ll unload on him.

Of course this makes the couple take a good hard look at why they’re even together. They may see the good and stick together. However, if they see the flaws and cannot agree, they will part ways.

Leo woman will have to make the first move because Libra man is wishy washy about it and doesn’t want to have to be the bad guy. If he does it himself though, he’s already thought about it for a long time therefore, is certain about it.

Can they rekindle and get back together after the damage is done? Actually… yes! They may be able to talk things through and decide to give it one more shot. The Leo woman and Libra man break up may not be a permanent thing.

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The Final Score

These two have so many wonderful things in common that where they lack, they are likely to find ways to make it work. Out of a scale of 1 to 10, I give this couple a strong 8. I believe they have what it takes.

As long as Leo woman can understand that Libra man likes attention but won’t cheat, she may be able to cool her fire down a notch. She also will have to come to terms that he’s not much for being jealous.

This may bother her and so perhaps Libra man can find other ways to show his adoration for her without spoiling the relationship. He can also pretend to be jealous when he’s not. It will put a smile on her face and make her feel like his queen again.

As far as the Leo woman is concerned, she will need to give Libra man a little space from time to time. He loves spending time with his queen but on occasion, he likes a mini breather to remind himself of his own worth.

Libra man struggles to create and maintain balance. The Leo woman could actually help him with this and therefore becoming grateful for her grace. The two will appreciate each other’s beauty.

They will also have beautiful children that will have some fairly amazing parents to teach them how to be well adjusted people who care deeply about the world. They’ll also school them on how to care for animals and/or the environment. Libra man Leo woman sexually works very well too.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there are several world activists that have been raised by a Libra man and Leo woman couple. They really are fantastic and may bond for life once they’re together. 

One of the best places in the world is Libra man and Leo woman in bed. These two can get through just about anything with a little playful activity in their intimate life.

If you’re ready to understand more about how compatible Libra man and Leo woman are, check out my brand new Libra Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility Guide, and if you want to catch him and keep him click here to learn more about Libra Man Secrets.

Oh and hey, did you know that tantalizing actor Ryan Reynolds is a Libra man? Indeed this delicious man is.

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  • I’m a Leo woman dating libra man. I’m 29 and he’s 39. Currently was with a cancer for 15 years and I’ve been with him for almost ten. I stayed patient and I exposed our relationship to her and he will possibly soon be with me when he gets out of jail. Lol I’m humble but I want him, pray that God gives him to me. That materialistic and manipulative cancer had it coming. With the scales TRUE LOVE ALWAYS PREVAILS. I unlocked the libra secrets too by the grace of The Most High and now I have him right we’re I want him finally.

    • Hi Tyesha!

      Wow, thanks for sharing your story. I’m happy to hear that it works really well with your Libra guy. You’ve figured out what it takes to make it last. Bravo! I do wish you all the very best and am happy you shared with me what your experience is. I wish you all the best in life!

    • Hi all! I just broke up with a Libra man after I found out he was in a relationship with another woman. Do not ever trust a libra man! He looked so in love with me and gave me all his attention, we were together literally every afternoon/evening and he called throughout the day. We went on a trip together with my friend and his cousin and everyone could notice his affection towards me. I would have never thought he was literally in a parallel relationship with someone else. Please do not trust any libra man ever if you are a leo woman. ❤️

    • Hi Er!

      While I can empathize with your situation, I want to point out that not all Libra men are the same sweetheart. It’s impossible for them to be. They all have different things going on in their birth charts that change their persona and how the act in relationships. While I know you are hurt, I don’t think that you’ll find that all Libra men are the way you described. I hope you don’t hold to ruling them all out because of one bad seed. I wish you all the love you deserve sweetheart!

    • I am a leo woman who met a libra man. We had contact for 2 weeks. Every day he sent me messages.. maybe 3 messages a day. He mentioned alot about wanting to have a relationship and kids. I cant speak about that with a person that I bearly know, so I often change the subject and it was never a problem. I was out of town during these two weeks and when I returned..I asked him to meet up for a coffee or when to meet. He started being dificult about it. He rather wanted to spend time on just texting for a month before meeting me in person again. This guy is a libra and extremly good looking, however I never kissed him. Anyway, I do not understand this kind of behavior. I got a little fed Up and we argued..whats wrong with having just a cup or coffee like friends to get to know one another? Then he started sending me messages that he didnt give Up on me yet, that he was dissapointed. I ended the whole thing beacuse my vibes changed for some reason. Very sad, because this guy was gorgous with good qualities but also weird as fu*****… Anyone who recognizes that sort of behavior?