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Libra Man Weakness – Which One You Can Use in Your Favor?

Once you figure out what the Libra man’s weaknesses, you may be able to avoid certain situations. You may also figure out what you can do to provoke a weakness he may have to your benefit.

So the question becomes which Libra man weakness is one you can use to help yourself in a relationship with him? Are you ready to take the gamble of possibly losing him if you do? If so then keep reading to learn more.

The Libra Man’s Weak Points

Which types of bad behaviors do the Libra men have? Maybe understanding what they are, you’ll have better insight as to what you can do to swing his weak point into a very positive one for you.

Yes this does mean using manipulation of sorts. It may very well be a risky situation because it could backfire. It really depends on how you handle it and if your Libra guy will allow it.

If he sees through what you’re doing he will most likely call you out on it and be gone like a ghost in the wind. Be very aware and careful how you handle this guy because he’s rather difficult sometimes.

Some of the things you should be aware of and recognize it for what it is. Here are things to keep in mind when dealing with a Libra man romantically:

  • Self Oriented – The Libra man naturally is all about himself. Even when he’s depressed, it’s all about him. This guy has a tendency to put himself first and foremost before anyone else. This can be really annoying.
  • Flaky and Indecisive – The Libra man is known for thinking about what he wants over everyone which means he can change plans at any point if there is something else he’d rather do. He may also be “not sure” how he feels for a long period of time which is frustrating.
  • Day Dreamer – Libra man can tend to blow stuff off because he’s busy day dreaming. He may also have his head in the clouds thinking about his potential life or career thus making everyone and everything move to the back burner.
  • Wants to Live in Luxury – The Libra man can sometimes live outside his means because he always wants the very best. He may end up in debt and never achieving financial stability.
  • Commitment Phobic – This man does absolutely fear making the wrong decision. He also fears having to give up some of his time for someone else. He’s afraid of getting hurt as well. This makes him very slow to commit.
  • Very Touchy – This man cannot stand a strong woman who will call him out, confront him, or suggest better ways of doing things. He prefers a woman who will not question him or confront him with what he’s not doing right. He wants his life sugar coated.
  • Flirts Too Much – I’ll throw this out here because I’ve known plenty of Libra men. They are pretty flirty and are attention whores. They will do anything to get women to look at them, flirt with them, or for anyone at all to give him props.

Now that you are aware of what some of the Libra man’s biggest flaws are, you can figure out if your guy fits into this or not. If he does then you’ve got to decide how you’re going to use one of his weaknesses about him.

Using a Libra Man’s Weakness

If you are an independent woman that is well off financially and don’t mind spending money, you can for sure use his lavish lifestyle desires to gain his attention and perhaps love.

When you have money and want to spend it on a guy that will be worth it then you may consider gifting him or taking him on trips he couldn’t ordinarily afford. You will for sure get his devotion and care.

I know that may sound kind of shallow but he absolutely associates a fancy life with love and great self-satisfaction. If you can also help him achieve his dreams or goals, he’ll be yours for life.

In fact, this may make him want to marry you. Will he be loyal and never cheat? It’s most likely yes. He wouldn’t want to ruin the lifestyle he’s obtaining being with you so he won’t do anything to jeopardize it.

Alright so now you probably need to know what types of gifts the Libra man will love and embrace. The next section will cover all the things you can buy for him or things you do that will make him want to stick by your side.

Libra Man Gifts That Win Him Over

Gifts To win a Libra Man Over

Since the Libra man can be somewhat shallow, he will love having a woman gifting him or treating him. He loves attention and loves to live it up. A woman who will take him to decadent places or feed him exotic foods, he will be in love.

Here is a list of things you can do or buy for your Libra man to make him fall head over heels for you:

  • Attaché or bag for Men – Libra men like taking things with them “just in case” and so buying him a bag he can carry this stuff around will make it easier for him and the nicer it is, the more he’ll adore it.
  • Accessories used for Travel – The Libra man loves to go on trips when he can. Again, he doesn’t normally have lots of money to do it with but if he does, this will be a wonderful and thoughtful gift he will love.
  • The Latest Album from his favorite Artist – Libra men love music and will embrace whatever cd’s you may want to give him out of the selection of bands he loves. He will see this as very sweet.
  • Plan a Trip – If you really want to get him going, plan a trip to an exotic or exciting location. He’ll feel like he’s in heaven and that you are his personal Angel. Even a small getaway for the weekend will do.
  • Gourmet Food or Treats – Just like any man, Libra men love to be swooned with food. Libra men tend to love foods from other countries because it makes him feel traveled or experienced. Desserts are charming for him as well.

I hate to tell you that he’s this easy to get with gifts and travel but honestly, it’s his dream come true to have a partner that can help him achieve things he cannot seem to do on his own because he gets in his own way.

If you really love your Libra man and want to show him that you’ll be the right one, this is definitely a weakness of his to exploit. He will fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

Yes, as odd as it is; he is likely to remain dedicated and faithful to you if you treat him like a King. He will also be more likely to bend over backwards to make you happy even if there are things he doesn’t like about you.

Helping him to take trips outside of the country or abroad will absolutely captivate him. If you aren’t made of money then taking him places within the continent you live in will work too.

Just make it an adventure and make it a place he’s wanted to go or wanted to experience. You can be creative and do things that will make him feel as though you truly care for him.

Your attention to his desires will make him realize that you’re the best person to be in his life and that will secure his love for you. Gifts can secure a Libra? Yes. As odd as that sounds, it’s true.

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Now that you know what floats the Libra man’s boat and is also his inherent weakness, you know what you can do to use it in your favor. Is it worth the risk of him finding out? That’s for you to figure out.

Some Libra men may be so afraid of commitment that even gifting them will make them feel special but turn out to be a waste of your money when they still drag their feet.

While gifting him can secure him in most cases, it’s not true in ALL cases. Not all Libra men are the same and will vary depending on their moon and rising signs. It’s important to know what those are to know what to do.

Speaking of lavish men, did you know that delicious actor Max Thieriot is a Libra guy? He’s paving his own way but he’ll still fall for a woman that wants to pamper him all the way.

Adorable comedian Sean William Scott is also a Libra man! That’s definitely one you wouldn’t have guessed. I once thought he was a beautiful Leo. Goes to show you, you never know! Learn all you can.

Have you found a weakness in a Libra man that you used to your own advantage? Tell me all about it!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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