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How To Keep A Libra Man Interested When You Are Physically Apart

Long-distance relationships can be a real struggle for any couple. There are a lot of intimate moments that can feel like they’ve been missed when your lover is far away. It might be hardest on people like Libras because they often define themselves by their relationships. Their partner is so close to them that it often feels like a part of the Libra leaves at the same time their lover does. 

If you’re in a long-distance relationship with a Libra, you’re likely wondering how you can keep the flame of love alive. How can you keep the Libra man engaged in the relationship with you? What should you be doing to ensure that that intimacy doesn’t fade even when he’s far away? 

I’m Anna Kovach, a long-time Relationship Astrologer. I have a passion for connecting women to their partner’s greatest love potential. You have questions and I usually have answers! Using Astrology, I can guide almost anyone to the best path for improving their relationships. 

I’m excited to offer you my best tips on growing interest within your Libra man while you’re physically apart. I have come up with four killer ways to keep him intrigued by you despite physical roadblocks. Keep on reading and you might find that one relationship-saving tip that you’ve been searching for! 

Emphasize Your UnityHow To Keep A Libra Man Interested In A Long Distance Relationship

Libra is represented by the scales, the symbol suggesting two parts coming together to create balance. This is genuinely all that Libras desire in a relationship and in life in general. A Libra without a like-minded person to bounce their ideas off of would be struggling in a big way. Libras need to be able to feel like they’re ‘one’ with their partner. 

Libras in general are highly sensitive to the emotions of their partner. They’ll bend over backwards for their lover, doing the bulk of the work if they have to. I advise that you never allow it to get to that point because even a Libra can only bend until he breaks. 

It’s important to drive home the fact that the two of you are a team, first and foremost. This is what will keep the Libra engaged more than anything else. He’s committed to the relationship as long as he can feel that connection to one another. 

Instead of making your relationship a ‘my needs vs. your needs’ scenario, consider adjusting your thoughts process to be more like ‘us vs. distance.’ You’ll find that the two of you will feel better about the partnership when you decide that your love story is more important than the trials that arise. 

The connection that the Libra feels with you is most important. Don’t waste any opportunity to strengthen your bond to your Libra man and he will be infinitely more interested in your love. 

Minimize Problems

How To Keep a Libra Man Interested When Apart

When you’re far away from your lover, you tend to focus on what isn’t working about the relationship. The struggle of being far away from one another is so great that it can drive one of both partners away from each other. While distance is an obvious roadblock, it doesn’t mean that you can’t just take a detour. 

Instead of thinking of your distance as insurmountable, create a relationship culture that thinks of it as only a small issue in comparison to your great and epic love. Putting it in this light makes the space between you seem a little less intimidating. 

You can make a lot of long-distance problems seem smaller when you use all that technology has to offer. Not being in the room with one another is a drag, but the problem is mitigated considerably when you make frequent video calls to create the feeling of being near to each other. 

Checking in at certain points in the day via Messenger or Snapchat can also be helpful, especially if your partner can rely on your contact regularly. It keeps the feeling of isolation at bay if you put yourself on his radar several times a day. 

When a problem begins to feel too overwhelming, try making lists together about why the obstacle is actually not that bad, or maybe even helps your relationship. Perhaps one of you was not a great communicator, but the distance has forced you to become good at it. 

Amplify Strengths

There is a reason why the two of you got together. Never let this reason (or reasons) stray from your view! You must keep the positives feeling larger than the negatives. This is the only way to achieve that Libra balance that he takes so seriously. 

Your deep love and empathy for your partner is apparent since you’re here researching how to understand him. Play on this positive trait and offer to stay on the phone with him until he falls asleep, to remind him constantly of why you love him, or to comfort him when he’s sad.

Libras are typically great at communicating, and this is something you’re sure to see. Tell him often how much you appreciate his ability to be honest and authentic with you. 

Be creative when you think of your strengths. If you’re a great artist, you can make your Libra feel included in your life by sending him a painting. If you’re amazing at makeup then you can send him top-notch selfies to allow him to see your looks! 

Encourage your Libra to share what he’s good at too. Maybe you watch him livestream video games so it feels like you’re in the room watching him play, or perhaps you buddy read the same book and have discussions about it. 

Capitalize on what the two of you already thrive at, alone or together. This is going to amplify the involvement in each other’s lives and make the distance seem less great.  

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Turn Fights Into Conversations

Libras are peacekeepers by nature. They will do anything to stop drama and they often get physically uncomfortable around angry people. Libras who are subjected to conflict too often in a relationship will not be able to last. 

However, relationships will eventually have ‘conflict.’ Addressing it is the only way to move past it and get back into friendly territory. This is why communication must be impeccable in a long-distance relationship.

When addressing a problem with a Libra, it’s important to maintain composure. This is why I highly recommend that before the two of you enter a serious conversation that one or both partners may not enjoy, drive home the reason you’re bringing it up in the first place… to ensure the longevity and strength of the relationship. 

When you both approach potential disagreements like this you are both aligned to the ‘us vs. the problem’ mentality instead of ‘me vs. you.’ This alone is going to alleviate the Libra’s fears because you’ll be tackling the issue as a team. 

Now that you’ve seen my tips, I am curious. What are the weaknesses in your relationship with your Libra and how can you minimize them? What are your strengths and how can you fortify them? Let’s start a discussion on this in the comments.

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach