How To Keep A Libra Man Interested (9 Easy Ways)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What can you do to hang onto your charismatic Libra Man? You probably should keep reading to learn how to keep a Libra man interested.

If you’re looking for love and a lot of romance, then look no further than a Libra man. But there are a few things you should know about how to keep a Libra man interested, and I will share them with you.

A Libra man is built for relationships. He just adores sharing his life with someone he loves. He’s the guy who secretly fantasizes about his marriage from a young age.

Ever the charmer, he’s pretty popular amongst the ladies and usually has a couple of women vying for his affection. He’s just so lovely and friendly that every woman seems to think she has a chance with him.

But it takes an extraordinary lady to get a Libra man to commit. If you’re curious to find out how to keep a Libra man interested for many years to come, I might give you some tips so that you can lure him in and keep him attached to you.

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How To Keep A Libra Man Interested (6 Interesting Tips)

Many of my clients ask me the question of how to keep a Libra man interested, especially after the honeymoon phase when all the passion and excitement might dwindle.

First thing you need to be aware of is that for your love to be the true, one-and-only kind of love, you need to go through some ups and downs in your relationships. Actually, scientific research shows there are 3 stages all long-lasting relationships go through: the romantic (or the honeymoon phase), the insecure and readjusting phase, and the mature love phase.

If you’ve just got out of your honeymoon phase, you definitely shouldn’t give up. The crucial and the determining factor of whether your relationship will succeed is exactly the shaky period where there are a lot of doubts.

Don’t you worry, we are going to go through all the ways you can keep a Libra man happy and interested in you, no matter in which relationship stage you’re currently in.

1. Be Independent

Libra men love to be social, and they love having time to themselves. When they think of the perfect woman, they think of a woman who has her own career, is taking care of herself, and doesn’t need to be with him all the time.

He doesn’t care for women who are clingy or needy. He doesn’t want to have to take care of anyone but himself if he doesn’t have to. The right partner for him won’t need him to do that, as she can handle her own.

That being said, if you’re trying to win the heart of a Libra man for keeps, you will have to be that independent woman he wants. If you aren’t naturally this way, then this is a change you must be willing to make or accept; he’s not the one for you.

You have to really be alright with doing your own thing or hanging out with your own friends instead of wanting to be with him more often than not. He has his own life and doesn’t want to totally give it up for anyone.

A Libra man loves to go out and see his friends and give them a bit of his attention so that he can get the adoration from them that he craves. Having you there all the time would cramp this and cause him to resent you.

So want to know how to keep a Libra man interested in you? Convince him that you have other priorities in life. Being with a Libra man for the long haul means being your own woman and having autonomy until he’s ready for serious steps such as living together or marriage. Even then, he still wants to have a little bit of separation in a healthy way.

2. Be Honest

You always want to tell your Libra man what you’re thinking and how you feel about things. If you do not, he will not get to know you on a deeper level, and he will not understand you.

I am not saying that every time you feel as though you are upset, you should be dramatic and be really emotional. What I do mean is telling him how you feel while remaining as calm as you can.

He will understand and listen to you more when you’re being rational. If you blow up and tell him that you’re sick and tired of him doing something, he will take this as criticism and drama. He won’t like it, and he’ll clam up or shut down.

It’s better to tell him, “I don’t like it when you do this. Can we find a solution?” It’s a way of trying to find the bright side of things and a way of making it so that it doesn’t happen again.

When you want to suggest to him a better way to help him with something, you may want to tell him that. If he thinks you’re not happy with how he’s doing something, he’ll feel you’re criticizing him.

Don’t wait until he’s upset with you. Tell him, “You know, this is just a suggestion, but have you tried doing it this way? It might be faster or more efficient for you.”

Then he’ll be more receptive to what you’re saying and won’t take any offense. Whatever you do, don’t ever go at him, yelling and screaming. He will definitely tune you out, and you won’t solve anything.

3. Be Sweet & Compliment Him A Lot

If you’ve been wondering about how to keep a Libra man on his toes, well, Libra men respond well to women who are considerate of him. Doing things he loves, feeding him foods he favors, or doing things you know he’ll love will win his heart and make it so he wants to stay with you.

Try telling him what he means to you, how you feel about how amazingly handsome he is, how comfortable you are with him, and how he makes you feel when you’re in his arms.

He loves stuff like this, and it gives him positive feedback. He’ll want to be with you more when he knows that you’re appreciative of what he contributes to your life.

He wants you to be happy, and knowing that he’s the one helping out with it, he’ll absolutely love it. Compliment him on how hard he works, on how well he does, and on how much you love his brain.

Lots of attention and sweetness to the Libra man is the quickest way to win him over and hold on to him.

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4. Take Care Of Your Appearance

Did you know that the sign of Libra is ruled by Venus? The planet of love, as well as beauty. So, it makes great sense that your Libra man is quite interested in looking good and following the latest trends.

Appearances are super important to a Libra man. He likes pretty things and wants to spend his time with a beautiful, well-presented woman by his side.

One of the best ways to keep your Libra man interested in you is to invest in your appearance by putting your best foot forward. Here’s more on how to dress for a Libra man.

Make an effort with what you wear and how you style your hair. You might think that your Libra man sounds a little shallow, but that isn’t it, he wants to know that you take pride in yourself by looking after the way you present yourself to the world.

5. Be An Interesting Person To Be Around

If you are still wondering how to keep a Libra man interested, there is often great emphasis put on Libra men and their focus on beauty and outward appearances. But a Libra man is an Air sign after all, and air signs are cerebral beings and are all about communication, intellect, and knowledge.

One way to really get his heart pumping is by being a woman who has something interesting to say. A Libra man must be stimulated intellectually to feel a true connection with a woman. He wants to be with someone from whom he can learn.

If you are brainstorming about how to make a Libra man think about you all the time, just be communicative and knowledgeable about different topics. Have multiple interests, and he will be amazed. Afterall, you want to become a person he can’t stop thinking about.

Here’s more about what a Libra man is looking for in a woman.

6. Be Open For Social Events

A Libra guy is a social butterfly. He loves people, and one of his favorite pastimes is spending time with people he finds interesting. His circle is really wide as he likes to learn from all kinds of people. 

He’s the type of man who wants to jump from one event to the next. He can’t sit still because he’s so curious about what is going on at all the different social gatherings and what’s happening around town. 

You have to be pretty open and ready to mingle if you want to learn how to keep a Libra man interested in you for a lifetime. He hates feeling bored and isn’t much of a homebody. So, if you are the type of woman who enjoys her nights in, a Libra man might not be the one for you.

If you want to impress a Libra man, take him to the hippest and happening spots in town. He likes to rub his shoulders with the glitzy and glamorous and be seen as one of the beautiful people amongst the crowd. 

Create a bunch of memories with him by taking him to fun events, and trust me, he’ll be eating out the palm of your hand for many years to come!

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3 More Ways To Make A Libra Man Want You More

7. Don’t Be Too Straightforward With Him

To learn how to keep a Libra man wanting you, remember how I mentioned earlier that a Libra man likes to be mentally stimulated? That means sometimes not revealing everything about yourself to him. He can be a little complicated sometimes. 

There are moments where he loves being pursued, and then other’s where he wants you to play it cool and keep him guessing. Did you know that the sign of Libra is represented by the scales, which indicates balance is integral to the happiness of your Libra man?

Sometimes it’s best to keep a bit of mystery alive with him. He can quickly feel turned off if the feelings you have for him are a little too obvious. What he truly wants is a woman he can dance with. 

A woman who leads, and then sometimes lets him lead. It’s all about finding the rhythm with him. So be sure to act a little coy from time to time, this will drive him wild and have him keep coming back for more – again and again!

8. Don’t Be Afraid Of Romance

If you’re one of those ladies who gets wooed easily by romance then you’re in luck! A Libra man loves to flirt and feel like he’s admired and adored by you. He’s the type of guy who likes candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach.

He wants to be able to show the woman he cares about how much he adores her through grand romantic gestures. If you’re not the type of woman who is receptive to old-fashioned courting, well then, he might not be the guy for you. 

A Libra man wants the freedom to gush over you and tell you how much he loves you. Some women shy away from a man that treats them like a queen. If you want to keep a Libra man interested for a lifetime, then don’t turn up your nose when he tries to do something special for you. 

Even if a few of his suggestions can be a little corny and textbook romance. It is still the thought that counts, and he wants you to acknowledge and appreciate the effort he put in to make you feel special. 

9. Don’t Be Arrogant

This part can be a little confusing because sometimes the Libra man is a bit arrogant himself. He dotes on his abilities and talents. He can sound like a bag of hot air at times.

Knowing this, it sounds rather contradictory when he doesn’t want to be with a woman who comes off as egotistical or arrogant right? I agree! Even so, he is looking for a woman who is sweet and considerate.

It’s alright to toot your own horn from time to time but don’t do it too much or he’ll feel like you’re stroking your own ego too much and there is only space enough for one of the two of you to be that way.

In other words, he wants a woman who will provide him more balance. He already knows how to be self confident but he also knows how to sound selfish or come off as high on the horse.

He has to be with a woman who is very well grounded, doesn’t need approval for anyone, and doesn’t care about getting attention from everyone around them. It helps him balance better. It also teaches him how to be more humble.

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How Often Should You Text A Libra Man To Keep Him Interested?

When you text a Libra man, you’ve got to be considerate, sweet, and complimentary. He wants to hear good things about himself and how much you think of him.

If you aren’t doing this, then you’re not doing it right at all. If you text him too much and too often, he will see this as a huge character flaw. He doesn’t like needy women, so you should not text frequently.

A Libra man doesn’t want to feel as though he’s obligated to answer all your texts in a day. You’ll be lucky if you get one or two texts back from him. Keep it light, and keep it simple.

You need to let him see you are a busy person who isn’t sitting around waiting on his time. Your first mistake is making yourself look as though your world revolves around him. He doesn’t want that at all.

A Libra man wants a woman who will be equal with him and not need his time and affection constantly. He doesn’t mind being close when the time calls for it but he’s not going to change his lifestyle for you.

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Do Libra Men Get Attached Quickly?

Libra men like to take their time to decide what is best for them, and who would fit into his life for the long haul. They don’t want to be pushed or feel pressured at all.

Still, despite this fact, a Libra man can fall in love easily but may take some time before he decides to commit. Many women find this behavior confusing, but Libra man spends too much time in his head, rethinking everything.

Having patience with him will make you go further with him. He will get to know you the way he wants to and he won’t feel pressured by you. 

He wants to feel as though you’re an equal, not someone who is taking over, demanding anything from him, or trying to push him into a serious relationship right away.

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The 14 Words That Give Instant Youth to Your Relationship With a Libra Man…

Have you ever heard of a 14-word elixir that can rejuvenate relationships with a Libra man and grant eternal love?

Just as communication is the most important aspect of a relationship, one of the most important aspects of communication is knowing how to overcome disagreements and misunderstandings.

I knew many women who tragically failed with Libra guys just because they underestimated the importance of talks.

Some didn’t talk with them enough and some talked too much…

Others talked just enough, but they said a few wrong things here and there which made their lovers sulk and brood.

Let me tell you, you never want to leave a Libra guy sulk because of something that you said.

It’s best to resolve any such conflict ASAP because his negativity could expand ad infinitum until one day he just snaps and decides that you’re not the one for him and that it’s all over.

The worst part is that 9 out of 10 times with a Libra, women are not even aware that they’ve said something wrong… or missed saying something that he expected them to say.

He doesn’t give off any signals when he’s hurt or disappointed.

Instead he usually just becomes quiet… but women never notice it. Even if they do, they never realize what to do in time.

That’s why whenever a disagreement occurs, it’s best to diffuse it with 14 words that could save your relationship.

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