Your Match: Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The Libra man and Scorpio woman matchup is one that isn’t very easy. In the beginning, the two are drawn to each other on a very carnal level. Keep reading.

The Libra man and Scorpio woman matchup is one that isn’t very easy. Libra man is very level headed, not jealous, and seeks balance in his life. Scorpio woman is hot, passionate, jealous, and is striving for success. In the beginning, the two are drawn to each other on a very carnal level. They’ll be impressed with each other’s looks and sexual charm. What comes next though is something that isn’t all that. Keep reading for more information on what these two are like together.


As I mentioned, the likelihood of these two hooking up is not very likely. It can and does happen but it’s likely to be short lived. Should they make it past 5 years, they’d be very fortunate.

They are first drawn to each other for ambition and the beauty they both possess. The Scorpio woman will think that the Libra man is successful, charming, and sexy. Libra man will find Scorpio woman to be irresistible, sweet, and very sexy.

While the two are sexually drawn to each other, when they finally do get together, it’s less than the sparks that they expect. In fact, it may be a bit of a letdown for them both.

These two really don’t have a lot in common other than their ambitions to succeed in their life or career. Other than that, they have far more working against them than they do for them.

They’re both highly intelligent and can no doubt, have some thrilling conversations together. However, they won’t easily connect on a deeper and emotional level.

There is always a possibility in every relationship and this is certainly no different. If one or both of them has rising signs or moon signs that help them to have another outlook than their sun sign, this could alter things.

For instance if Libra man has Virgo moon, he may find himself easily able to connect with the Scorpio woman on an emotional level. Perhaps if she has a Taurus rising, she’ll have a calmer temperament and takes it slow.

So you can see how the differences in one’s chart can make. Otherwise going off the sun sign alone, these two are not the greatest match. In fact, they’re one of the most difficult ones.

Scorpio Woman, Who She Is

Scorpio zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

The Scorpio woman is enthusiastic about life. She’s passionate about her career/life goals and she’s working hard at accomplishing her dreams. She is born very sexual and is likely to draw in many men’s attention.

She only wants “the one” typically though. She may test or sample some men along the way as she does enjoy the excitement that a new person brings, she won’t settle down until she knows 100% what she wants.

This can make her a hard woman to get into a serious relationship. She’s also very emotionally driven and doesn’t often use patience. Her emotions make her do things fast or hastily.

The Scorpio woman is the jealous type and won’t like anyone flirting with her man. When the Scorpio woman gets into a relationship with a Libra man, she realizes he craves attention.

She’ll work to give it to him but she’ll find no matter how much she loves him and gives him sex, he’ll still always appreciate other people’s adoration. She doesn’t understand why she’s not enough.

She’ll be so caught up in how successful, how calm tempered, and patient her Libra man is that she’ll get lost in his overall beauty. This is why it’s hard for her to be with him no matter how much she loves him.

Libra Man, Who He Is

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, the Libra man is cool, calm, collected, comfortable, charming, and wants success with his career/job. No matter what he’s doing, he wants to do it well.

He needs to see himself as a successful person otherwise he loses his identity. He needs to work at balance but isn’t totally sure how to do that. He may work too much or he may play too much thus not finding a happy medium.

In relationships, he tends to want to take it slowly. He wants to pace himself to make sure that the woman he’s considering for long term, is who he’s looking for. Like with many things, he can be rather indecisive too.

When he meets the Scorpio woman, he’s turned on by how sexy she is and wants to be around her as much as possible. He finds her fascinating and when the two talk about career pursuits, they both get excited.

However, Scorpio woman may push him too quickly for a relationship and this will cause him to drag his feet or later resent her for trying to push too far too quick. He wants to take HIS time and Scorpio woman doesn’t want to wait that long.

As sexual as the Scorpio woman is, he feels that maybe he’s not adequate for her and may end up having performance anxiety which can also lead to him just not even trying to have sex with her very often. This leads to staleness and being unfulfilled.

What Works Between Libra Man and Scorpio Woman

I mentioned the career talk and how they both get excited about this. They both look for people in the same field they are in to help them climb the corporate ladder or form their own business.

When the two talk about intellectual pursuits such as this, they tend to be very similar. They love to talk to each other and can do so for many hours either via social media, phone, or face to face.

They prefer to have time together face to face but when it’s not possible they’ll talk on the phone or do video chat as often as they can. They check in with each other and basically try to keep daily contact.

While this is terrific, it’s not exactly a full foundation for a long lasting relationship. Why not? Well there are far more issues than good things between them that makes it hard to fully see the scope of what “could be”.

They have some potential to try to work at it sexually. Scorpio woman will have to actually tell her Libra man when she wants sex otherwise he’s rather oblivious and he’s not that great at making the first move.

She’ll have to either verbally tell him or just grab him to indicate what she’s trying to achieve. He may get slightly awkward at first but in time, he will get used to it. He’ll be grateful that she’s forthcoming.

However, if she isn’t forthcoming, she may find lots of frustration when he isn’t making any moves and not picking up on her signals either. She’ll feel like he doesn’t want her or finds her unattractive.

It’s likely not the truth but it feels that way to the Scorpio woman. She’ll think that maybe she’s not his type anymore or that the relationship isn’t working out thus why he doesn’t want sex.

So again, only being honest with each other will make their relationship grow or even last. They have a lot working against them but communication can make all the difference.

What Libra Man Thinks of Scorpio Woman; Especially in Bed

I briefly touched on this already. The Libra man thinks that the Scorpio woman is very desirable, smart, and has potential to be very successful. He sees her in a wonderful light.

However, he’ll sometimes feel as though he’s walking on eggshells with her. He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings as her feelings can get hurt easily. His can too by the way. He won’t admit it but he’s super sensitive.

Sexually speaking, Libra man can find Scorpio woman a bit intimidating. He thinks she probably has lots of experience and demands much. He feels inferior and that maybe he cannot please her enough.

He’ll try but he may also fail. Some Libra men actually get a form of erectile dysfunction when they’re dating a Scorpio woman. He thinks he cannot give her what she wants and so he’ll lose his erection, if he even gets one.

It’s not a physical issue though. It’s literally a mental one. He gets inside his own head thinking that Scorpio woman is all that and that she requires far more than he can give her. It’s not the truth though.

What he doesn’t realize is that Scorpio women are excellent in bed and she can guide him to what she likes once they get going. If he does what she asks, he’ll fulfill her and they could have a wonderful physical connection.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Problems

Scorpio Zodiac Sign - Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Sad to say but this couple has far more problems than they do things in common. I mentioned the sex and that’s just one aspect of what doesn’t seem to go that well.

Trust is something that’s hard to come by as well. Scorpio woman inherently doesn’t trust anyone. She’ll find Libra man’s secretive nature makes her feel jealous often.

They don’t open up to each other on a deep emotional level which is damaging. The Scorpio woman may display her unhappiness by taking nips at her Libra man in a passive aggressive form. She’ll scoff, roll her eyes, or say something that is very off putting.

Even when she doesn’t mean it, Libra man gets his feelings crushed. He won’t say anything right away either. He’ll wait until she’s done it enough times that he ends up exploding.

When he explodes and lets all his feelings tumble out, he hurts the Scorpio woman. It’s not his intent. His intent is to let her know she keeps hurting him and that’s not good.

Scorpio woman will take it as an attack or that he doesn’t love her anymore so she’ll cry and he’ll feel guilty thus apologizing to her. So who wins? No one does. They both lose because though they vent, problems don’t get solved.

Until they learn how to talk without walking on eggshells, they’ll keep having these re-occurring problems. While they may have a couple of things in common, they’ll also notice that there are lots of things they don’t have in common.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Breakup

This breakup could go either way. Scorpio woman is most likely the one that is going to call the shots with it. Libra man may think about it for quite some time but Scorpio woman will take action quicker.

Things will go really downhill and he’ll keep tossing around whether or not he wants to stick with it back and forth. This is a confusing time for Libra man. For Scorpio woman, she’ll keep trying until she feels she’s reached her limit.

Once she does reach her limit, she’s ready to get out. If the two of them respect each other, she’ll leave on a “let’s stay friends” note. Could the two of them get back together after breaking up?

This may surprise you but the answer is, yes! They can. They will have to talk about what went wrong the first time though and nail out some ways they can open up to each other honestly but in a way that doesn’t hurt either of them.

The Final Score

This is a tough one folks. They can truly love each other but they don’t understand each other enough. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this couple a 3 and that’s being generous.

They both have to learn to be less sensitive, open up to each other, tell each other what their needs are, and try to understand their differences. Until they can learn how to really “get” each other, they’re going to have issues.

Sometimes their issues can become too much and is too overwhelming which is when one or both decide maybe it should come to an end. Scorpio woman is likely the one to walk away from the relationship.

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